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Being Latina means having a huge family. Meeting a new cousin or tia at almost every party and listening to your parents tell stories of when they were young, little cousins running around, not being able to keep a secret because before you know it all your tia's are already talking about it. Ive been through this many, many times. Growing up I didn't have enough time for myself and I only had 2 siblings, but when I started college and HAD to be alone quite a bit, I grew to really enjoy it. 

First off, I had time to analyze and put my mind to rest when I started to get some alone time. At first it was strange not hearing my mom basically cackling like a parrot on the phone, my dad yelling at the TV when there was a soccer game, or my little brother and sister fighting. The only normal noise I could hear in my apartment was the television and once in a while my roommates. I grew to enjoy it though and relax in the silence. 

When I started enjoying the silence, I would go out and take walks by myself, shop by myself, go out to eat by myself, and even watch movies by myself. I grew to really love spending time with myself and the result was loving myself and becoming more independent. I highly recommend it, chica. I know these days it seems to be the thing to always be with your girl friends and be social but once in a while its great to do things on your own. Trust me, you'll learn something yourself that you never expected. 

For example, I NEED alone time. During the week I work, go to school, take photographs, conduct interviews for my journalism classes, and have human contact Monday through Friday. For an introverted person like me, its very tiring. That is why I use my weekends to re-energize. I wake up when I want, enjoy my coffee in my favorite mug, read my books and of course Netflix. Weekends are sacred for me and I always make time for myself. 

So please, try to take some time for yourself. Go get your nails done, lay on your couch and watch a movie. Learning to be your own company is a beautiful thing. 

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