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So as a student I am part of an organization at UTEP; and during this week, we got together, and with the help of KCOS we were able to ask the people in UTEP what their American Dream is. 

For example, yes there are people around the world that want to come to the U.S. because they will have a better chance, and they are able to have the "American Dream" which for some is be a student, since the U.S. supposedly has a good education, they try to come here and get a taste of themselves, but the example we were looking for was;

okay you are in America, studying, okay, so what is next?

You might want to be the best doctor.

Or you might want to be the next big creator of computers.

You might want to be the organizer of a kids movement.

One of UTEP students wrote he wanted to be the one to find a cure for Cancer.

And it came to mind. We are here in America, we are living the dream a lot of other want, and some of us don't realize it. We are attending school here, we are getting some of the best education there is, what is our next step? It is never too early to know what we want. Parents, teachers, brothers, and other have showed us to think big since we were little, what I mean is what we wanted to be when we grow up. And till today we still talk about it, not as what we want to be, but what we want to accomplish after we graduate. 

While asking, not everyone knew what to write, they would think about it, and well for my opinion is something that you should already have in mind. Not only because you are in school, graduating, that means we can't to something to try and change the world. I mean just imagine that one guy who said he wanted to find the cure for cancer, how many kids would be able to live. How many families would be happy, how many life HE would change. One person, and sometimes it requires more than one, but just imagine. 

Trying to find our American Dream for those who are living the "American Dream" is important, share your ideas of it, you never know who is listening, and what they can do to achieve your "American Dream". 

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