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I dislike terms that generate boundaries. No doubt, I am very proud of being latina and wouldn’t be imbarrassed to say that I am, but when I see American magazines trying to quarter minority magazines with word use such as Latina, American, or descriptive terms like “sizzling” to describe  outter beauty of any race or ethinicity, it becomes irritating. Not because it sets a limit to those minority magazines, but because it creates boundaries that  minimize a magazines’ potential for  being read strictly for content.

For instance, the magazine, Ms,  is stricly women related and feminism supported. It takes no other races to cut corners  when it comes to other’s “ways.” Other magazines such as Cosmo Latina, sets the ethinic boundary in the title itself. “Cosmo…Latina” as though we were any different from any other race, as though our  “spicy behavior” and our “juicy” bodies could no longer fit into what they were trying to promote. So we had to make room for our all together otherness and create something whole.

Im tired of those magazines that don’t squelch the race factor. Everyone has different types of bodies, skin types, and fashion tastes within the female population in general. Why make it about race and say Latinas are a lot curvier and that “American women” are straight and narrow? Because even in the “American race” we have just as curvy, if not curvier wome,  who happen to face their own set of disadvantages within their own race given the fact that they arent thin and narrow.

There was  a recent article by Dennis Sanchez describing Latina women as the “…sugar and spice of the Latino community.” Sure, this is a terrible example given the fact that a  male said this, but do yall see my point of what I am trying to convey? I am having a terrible time describing what I feel.

I  thought ALL women were just trying to make their way into a world of possibilites. I thought all women were all in the same struggle, trying to be normal in a world that is filled with people who try to keep us inhibited. I cant even say in a world filled with men, cause that just creates a boundary that says, “men are better.”

Do yall get what I mean?

Sure, we’ve all made stride in the “American” lifestyle, weve had our own Latina pageant, our Nuestra Bellezas starring latinas, but really, in my opinion were creating another boundary that will set us a part from the American country as a whole. You may think, “that is a good thing, we need to have something of our own. Its great cause these [pageants, magazines, tv shows, etc] are speaking to us, our peoples.”

Sure we are, but we are essentially cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world.

To say the least, I thought everyone was someone.

I thought that America was a country were we tried to unify our peoples, not create obstacles that limit our understanding of anyone. I suppose optimism would help. But even optimism is small at this moment. Maybe I am just too cynical, but I am saying what I see.

I don’t want to be known as a “Native American Latina” or  a “Mexican American” or even a “Latina Feminist.” I want to be known as April or Apple as some people know me as. I am human just like you. I am a person. That is all.

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