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My one WCW all day everyday is Frida Kahlo and I will keep on crushing on her until the day I die. Yes, a lot of Hispanic girls look up to her and are inspired by her artwork and the fact that she’s Mexican, but not a lot of people really realize who she was. When I first heard about her I was proud to see that she was a famous female artist from Mexico. That blew my mind because you don’t hear much about famous women in Mexican history so I was instantly drawn to her. My admiration got me to do some serious research, from buying books, watching documentaries to watching “Frida” with the actress Salma Hayek. I fell in love with her and what she represented. She is truly a woman to look up to and here are some reasons why. 


Did you know that in 1922 she was one of the first female students to be accepted into the renowned National Preparatory School in Mexico City? She was known to read immensely and to be very educated. Not only was she beautiful but smart. 

Mexican Roots

When you look at photos of Frida and really just her paintings, you will see that she is always dressed in indigenous Mexican clothing and jewelry. While everyone else in her time, even Diego, was typically dressed in European fashions of the day, Frida dressed in old typical Mexican dresses, shawls, and jewelry. Although her father was a German immigrant, she followed the side of her mother promoting Mexican cultural nationalism. Even in her home she decorated with Mexican handicrafts and folklore and not American and European décor like everyone else was doing at the time. 

Her boldness

Frida Kahlo was known to be very outspoken and brave. Through her lifetime she went through 30 operations but no matter what kept living her life to the fullest. She joined art movements, the communist movement, and painted more than 150 paintings. Throughout her entire life she was known to speak out from living in the United States to Europe, she stayed true to herself and wasn’t scared to speak her mind or paint anything. 

Frida Kahlo died July 31st, 1954 and is known to be one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I not only look up to her for her art and the way she represented her reality and pain through it, but because she wasn’t scared to hide who she really was. She dressed the way she wanted, expressed her views openly, and educated her self as much as she could. Yes, she did do a lot of things that were very controversial in her time but she is still a woman who while enduring pain, worked hard to be remembered. 

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” ― Frida Kahlo

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