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Most of us grow up with someone watching over us and guiding us each step that we take. What are these people called?? Hmm I think they are called mmmeeennntooorsss...yeah that's it MENTORS!! A mentor is someone that guides you on a path that can impact your life and change your whole
perception on things. Your mentor can be your mom, dad, sister, teacher, or a close friend. It can be anyone. Check out some of these girls mentors and who knows maybe you girls may have something in common with each other. Here are their stories...

My mom is my mentor because she is a single mom and provides for me, plus my
sisters and brother. She struggled when we were little because she
never graduated from high school or college. She also struggled for
money to provide for us. Despite all that, she made it work for us
and herself. She always puts me and my siblings first and reminds me
of how special I am to her. She never gives up on me and always lets
me know how loved I am.---Kristen 18

Someone that has made an impact on life is my second grade teacher. During first grade
my teacher lied about my levels and how I was doing in reading and
passed me anyway. However during second grade, my teacher informed
my mom on this and the teacher did whatever she could to help me be
at the level I was supposed to be at. She taught me to never give up
and try as hard as I can to get to where I want and where I need to
be at from now on. Now I haven't had a problem with reading and my
teacher retired 3 years later and still went to my schools at lunch
and called my current teachers to see how I was doing. Now she works
for a program to teach new and current teachers how to connect with
their students and be a good teacher.

Another person who has made an impact on my life was my aunt Jamie. She was the
youngest of three kids and had diabetes. She had to take insulin. She
taught me to be myself and never be afraid of what other people
thought of me because it doesn't matter, all that matters is being
yourself. In 2006, she died at 22 years old from a diabetic seizure,
but she was the most important person in my life and the most unique
person I will ever know.---Desiree, 16

MY DAD, he is the most unselfish person I fully know. He is the one that lets me be
selfish, the one who listens to me. He is the one who never buys for
himself, for he thinks of his daughter and kids first. He is the one
that has no favorite dish, for he likes them all. He is the one with
steel boots and smells like ale when he gets home. He is the one with
big hands and dark skin, and is like a big teddy bear full of sarcasm
and happiness. He is never the outsider, the dishonest one, or the
corrupt one. He never acts in a selfish act. He is the one with a
childhood, some who would thank God so much for. He is the one with
an open funny personality for he is the opposite of a dark mean
shadow. Drives to WACO by himself and drives my sister to college. He
is the one who goes in the middle of the night for my school
projects, the one who wakes me up in the mornings. The one who drives
me anywhere I need to go. He is the one that offers me his carrots,
the one who puts up and down my middle school science project. He is
the one who fell asleep at the dance report, I had to do. He is the
one who took me to my dance performance, who took me to the music
Jazz to Rock. He is the one who mailed my application. He is the one I love so much.
He is the son, a brother, soldier, a husband and father.---Elizabeth,17

My freshmen year in high school was so difficult because I was so used to knowing
everybody in middle school and luckily for me, Ms. Elberg helped me
so much. Since freshmen year is the year, when you sort of start
looking for yourself and find out what kind of person you want to
become. You also start deciding where you want to go in life. I was
so confused my first year because I thought everybody thought that I
was smart and I would make the right choices. I had so many hopes
and dreams and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, so Ms.
Elberg guided me and made me believe in myself.---Norma, 16

A mentor in my life would be my mom. She’s been through a lot and she would make
sure I never got on the wrong track no matter what is going
on.---Daniela, 16

Mentor Role Model: My Mother as a role model inspires me. For ten years, she’s
been a single mom. When she was little, she watched her mother get
beaten by her husband. My mother… she raised me on her own with my
grandmother too, till I was ten. She always made sure I was taken
care of, and if that meant she had to sacrifice she would do
it.---Cheyann, 15

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Comment by Veronica on March 25, 2010 at 2:22pm
awe..... I wish i had a daddy like Elizabeth' have a kool dad!!




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