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We live in a world where advertising plays an important role in our society. We are bombarded with lots and lots of messages about what should we have, what should we wear, what should we eat, where should we go, etc. etc. etc. Advertising is everywhere, it is practically your daily bread, so we have to deal with that. The issue here is, how are you dealing with ads. Do you let ads influence your life that much, or are you able to classify ads into what is convenient to you and what is not? We know that things have always both sides, a positive and a negative, and advertising is not the exemption. There are ads that convey the wrong message, or that mislead society into behaviors or acts that are apparently inoffensive such as compulsive shopping, or body unconformity. On the other side, there are ads that conveys very positive messages, such as disease prevention, or acceptance of real beauty. An example of a positive advertising campaign is the one that Dove recently launched, Campaign for real beauty. Comparing this to fashion ads, where models are not precisely the image of the majority of the women, you can see a big difference. I am not saying this kind of ads are bad, or that you shouldn't see them, I am just saying that you could unconsciously classify these ads in you head, to distinguish the ads that you could watch such as the ones related to fashion and maybe be influenced by the clothing but not by the image of the model, or to see an ad that shows a luxury car and feel bad about yourself because you can't afford that kind of cars. Are you getting my point so far? The Campaign for Real Beauty from Dove is a really good example of an ad that you could let influence yourself, because it is portraying a positive message of self-acceptance and inner beauty. Breast cancer prevention is another example of positive advertising that can influence your life in a positive manner because is informative. PETA ads against animal cruelty are conveying positive messages as well, this kind of ads makes us conscious about issues that require our attention. I do think that advertising is good, but we have to learn to classify ads into what we let influence ourselves or our lives and into what is purely entertainment or publicity about a product, service or situation. We can love the perfume on the ad, but we shouldn't want to be the model. Now pay attention to everything around you, how many ads do you see? or maybe the question should be, how many ads are influencing you in a positive manner, and how many are just pure entertainment?

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Comment by Marisol Guzman on October 28, 2010 at 10:21am
Good point Melissa! I think that we are definitely bombarded with ads every day do it's important that we know who we are and understand what it good for us and what is bad for us, what is real and what is not and that we comprehend the difference between necessities and desires.




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