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Various articles online have pointed out the trend in people splurging on designer articles. The
girl with the Loui Vuitton bag sitting next to you, or the girl with the Coach
sneakers walking across the hall all share a love for labels.

When we think labels, we think celebrities, glamour, but most importantly status. Having that label
wrapped around you, hanging on your shoulder or even decaled on your car makes
you seem better. Or so we have led ourselves to believe.

Chanel has recently announced that they are raising the prices of the merchandise by 20-30%. They
have declared themselves too mainstream and in order to remain their exclusive
status, less people should be allowed access.

I mean could you be more stuck up? From marketing prospective, it makes sense. It’s not about
having many people wearing your label, but having people wishing to be part of
it and having the people believe they are exclusive for wearing. You have to
keep customers feeling that.

Carrie and the rest of the girls from Sex and the City shower themselves with labels, but you have
to admit that at times they looked liked clowns. Over styled, over dressed and
just plain ugly.

Sure peg me as common folk who can’t appreciate designer love, but paying that much money for a bag,
or shoes is not just your passion for art. It’s your passion to make people
jealous of you, to have yourself on a higher platform than the rest of the
people on your floor.

You are not paying for quality, but to feel exclusive. I think we are allowed to feel exclusive
and have the ability to splurge on items, but teaching this to the next
generation has taken a toll. Go to a high school and you will see teenager
girls in Coach, Doonery and Bourke and Religion jeans. Younger and younger the
hunger for labels begins. We teach them that having that item makes them

I already have a cousin that asks for Coach on her birthdays, and she barely reached the double
digits in age. At then end we just look like clones, in our label uniform.

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