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Does this really matters? I think everyone has thought about this question many times. Have you been in a situation where you were very angry at someone? Have you been sad beacuse of something, or someone? I think if everyone is honest, all of us can agree in having passed for a similar situation, and the question that might passed through most of us is, does this really matters? Of course you think about this question after you got angry, or after you cry for hours, and if that is not your case, let me aplaude you. Thinking ahead of the situation is not an easy thing to do, that's why we have to learn to analyze the situation before we let ourselves lose our nerves. I am not saying it is wrong to cry, or get angry once in a while but if we learn to classify information or situations, into what's important and what's not, we will save ourselves plenty of bad moments. For instance, your sister took "the blouse" this meaning your favorite blouse, and you start getting red of anger, think first, does this really matters? Is that the only blouse I have? Is she never going to return me my blouse? Of course not, you know is not your one and only blouse, you know your sister is going to return it to you next day, so why make such a big deal of it. Are you with me so far? Another example, your boyfriend broke up with you, and of course you think it's the end of the world, you think you will never find such an amazing guy, no boy is going to want to be with you, but you know what, that is not true at all, again, you are sad for nothing, it is ok to cry for a little while, after all, it hurts sometimes, but after that, you got to start thinking, does this really matters? You could say YES, but does that worth your tears? NO, there are some other guys that will see what a wonderful girl you are, just asked yourself one more time, Does this really matters? It is going to be hard at the beginning, but you gotta try and try, never give up, because this simple question is going to make a better person of you. So next time you find yourself in a situation that is turning your head upside down, think first, Does this really matters?

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