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Today is Earth day! Yay! Whats better than celebrating the planet we live on. Today, with it being Earth Day and all I wanted to post ten ways you can make your mark. By doing simple things in our everyday lives we can alter the amount of energy, conserve one our most precious resources and create less trash. We need to think of or future. Okay so here are TEN ways I found we can rEdUcE, ReUsE and rEcYcLE!!! Do your part lasdies!!!!

1*UnPlug!!!!- turn off electronics that are not in use and unplug them, you can save our planet and on your electric bill!

2*Use Less H2o- turn of flowing water when not in use, dont take long showers and water plants with excess water you may have.

3* Choose Products with less packaging- a hint is to take your own cloth bags when you go shoping or get the plastic bags from the store and use them for your waste baskets at home.

4* Use flourecent bulbs- you get better bright light and save energy at the same time.

5* Buy organic or local food/ or make your own at home- you never realize how many bags and wrapers we use when we buy fast food and take out!

6* Drive less/ carpool- u would be surprised how much hitching a ride will pay off, less exhaust in the air, plus you get to be with your friends more.

7* Plant a tree- find your green thumb, it can become a hobby and its awesome to see something u planted actually grow, plus it makes a nice decoration on your lawn!

8* Recycle More- we have those huge blue bins that look like our gray trash cans and so a fun way to recycle is to create a week long contest between family members that live in your house. Whoever recycles more gets to choose maybe what family game or dinner for one night of that week.

9* Go paperless- use more e-mailing than aftual paper. Utilize your voice and technology more... like txting and blogging!

10* SPREAD THE WORD- your voice is invaluable and free!!! hello use it! u would be surprised how many people are willing to learn how they can make a difference in our communities, city, world and planet!


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