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Nowadays, there is a tendency to think that you should planify your whole life in order to be successful or for you to achieve the things you want. Some people worry about not having an established life plan. I am sure you know a lot of people who don't have a particular path yet traced and live their lives so stressed out that you wouldn't believe it. I am sure you know some others that don't care that much about planifying their wholes lives. My point here is that everyone is different, everyone has its own professional and personal goals. It's good to have goals, I completely agree, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have a particular path to follow yet. Each person discover their personal passion at different stages in their lives. Some discover their own path early like in childhood, some others on their teenage years, some others even on their adulthood, and this is completely acceptable. Everyone experience different things and learn at their own rhythm so your discovery of life and the vast amount of things to do is different for everyone. So don't stress out if you have not found your own path yet, it is OK! Don't panic because you see your best friend making its own way in life and you being "temporarily static" your time will come, your opportunity will come, you'll discover your "raison d'être" and when that time has come, you'll understand that everything happens for a reason, and that all the time you waited to discover your own mission was because perhaps you had to learn several things before, or because you had to experience some things, or live through some situations. Remember, everyone has their own time, and their own life to live, just be good to others, try to make a difference each day in people's lives, and trust me, the rest will come :) Have a great day!!!

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Comment by Marisol Guzman on November 2, 2010 at 9:19am
WOW! Melissa, I love this!! I most definitely agree with your blog especially the part where you write " Don't panic because you see your best friend making its own way in life and you being 'temporarily static,'" most of us have the tendency to compare our lives to the lives of others and this is not a healthy thing to do. If we constantly rely on others' plans or others' ideas we will never know what it means to live up our own expectations. It is important to have plans and expectations for own life, but just because our plan is not completely laid out detail by detail doesn't mean our lives will be turnout to be "unsuccessful". Life will always hand you lemons and sour milk no matter how thorough your plan may be, but as long as you stay on a positive path and learn from life's acidic tastes, your time to shine will surely come!




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