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Female Rapper Busts a Flow and Succeeds

Most rappers start at the bottom of the music chain. Many rise above it all to maintain a career spitting verses that reflect their struggle as an artist. However, there exist rappers who reach the mainstream and their fans suddenly disconnect from them because their lyrics no longer reflect their personal lifestyle.

 Gavlyn, a 23-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, California is re-defining this process. She is raising the female rap game with a new re-released album called From the Arts.

Rap and hip-hop beats stem from the underground culture of beat boxing and disc jockeys, or DJ’s as they are better known. Gavlyn maintains raw honest hip-hop lyrics. She evolved with the help of Broken Complex and Organized Threat, two independent record labels for underground rappers. Gavlyn is one of many among a new movement of female rappers. Other female MCs include Top Dime, Vel the Wonder, and Reverie, but Gavlyn proves one of the most promising to date.

Female rapping may sound out of the ordinary, but check out From the Arts “Stepoff.” Samplings of her lyrics are as followed: “But me I’m the heavy hitter/don’t stop poetic pusher/unleash consciousness to lift.” In a sense, she spits in the face of those who question her ability to consciously creating rap-poetry. She enforces the idea that a woman can pursue her passions as long as she embodies the message that she will continue to do so as long as her creativity unfolds. The DJ scratches the turntable just as Gavlyn takes the mike. She rhymes naturally. Most of her rhymes revolve around everyday life - a skill that truly connects her to her fans.                                                                  

                                                                                     Photo provided by Broken Complex                  

Her word play patterns start small and grow as the DJ spins jazz tunes in the background. These jazz influences give the effect of movement and although many of her lyrics like in “Do You,” lyrics like “Why hesitate when you have something to say?” encourage others to continue to be passionate, just as she is. She explains to DJ Red Viking on a podcast, “To prove to people that girls can do it too.”

She says other female rappers in another underground set up, The Cypher Effect, often inspire her lyrically. Although she may sound a little angry, she is only angry at society and not her fans. Her lyrics also question men’s nasty attacks about her rapping. She explains, “I hate it how people separate men and women and define it one area.  I want to represent… the things that don’t separate it at all.”

“I’m offensive. Why can’t I do it in a poetic way? Why can’t I do it while painting a picture?” she tells DJ Red Viking.

Gavlyn spits out lyrics to her core fans, with gal pal Top Dime, another female rapper.  Gavlyn says, “Top Dime, she raps in English and Spanish she aims to branch out of the West Coast.” Like her, Top Dime is helping pave the way of a new hip hop world. “Girls are totally supportive. Women are supportive,” she says. To prove that, she delivers fast lyrics between slick beats all the while empowering other women to do the same. By the end of one verse, it may sound like she needs a gulp of air, but she proves she handles it all in stride.

Gavlyn explains to other alpha females, “I take this position. I have a generation to represent. I am trying to represent this complicated situation. Doing things I didn’t think I was capable of. If you let a man hold you back, you’re not taking control of your own destiny.”

She is nothing like Niki Minaj, sorry fans! Unlike Minaj, Gavlyn doesn’t rap about going to the beach and getting a “drink, drink.” Why not let another little female MC sway your ear for a change?

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