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I bet that you must have heard that first impressions matter, and that is because they usually do matter. or that is what society tells us. We tend to think that way because we haven't been told the contrary. We as a society are so concerned with image, and what an image portrays about somebody that we forget about the things that really matters. We judge right away after seeing a person and stereotype them. I am not saying that all of us are like that, as in every other case there are some exceptions, and that's why we call them exceptions, because they are rare. The majority of the people have a tendency to stereotype people judging them just because of what they are dressing, listening, talking, the place at where they are at that moment, etc. Have you ever been to the mall in comfortable clothing? maybe in sport clothing, a ponytail, etc. not "well dressed" or not "dressed to impress" that doesn't mean you dressed like that all the time, or that you are trashy or lazy. When you listen to punk song that doesn't make you a punk, or going to a fancy restaurant doesn't make you a snob. Or the typical stereotype in schools, band members are not "losers" as many people classify them, they are people who enjoy playing an instrument in a group, people who enjoy music; or cheerleaders are airheads, elitists or mean, we should admire them for their talents; or that athletes are jocks, they are people who we should admire for their commitment to a discipline. We should think twice before judging someone just because they way he/she looks. First impressions matter, but they should not matter that much, first impressions may be deceitful and in my opinion they don't give you a fair opportunity to really know how a person is. When I was looking for a job, the first advice I received was that first impressions matter, so dress to impress in a professional manner, and I understand that completely, you have to dress according to the corporation or business you want to work for. However, I think first impression are overvalued, even though it is important to look polished for an interview, you shouldn't be rejected just because they way you looked. People should give more importance to talent, to drive, to commitment, to education and experience, and some other things that are more important than imagery.

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