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Girl Talk-Share your tips about staying healthy.

In one of our activities we asked our girls about their tips on how to eat healthy and stay fit.This is what they had to say......

How do you stay active?What sports are you part of?How do you stay fit?

I love jumping and playing basketball. -Desiree C.

I'm in my school soccer team. -Maria A.

Try to eat good.Dance class. -Diana R.

By getting my mind out of food.I like to play volleyball. -Gabby 

I play basketball.  Aline G.

Drinking a lot of water. Cheer leading and playing volleyball, eating healthy. -Kianna 

By exercising.None, but I play soccer and volleyball. -Abril 

What do you eat to have a good diet?What is your favorite healthy snack?

I eat fruits and sometimes vegetables.My favorite healthy snacks are fruits like apple,strawberries and oranges.

-Desiree C.

I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.My favorite healthy snacks are salads.  -Maria A.

Bananas. -Diana R.

I try to drink lots of water. I like granola.  -Gabby 

Salads, fruits and vegetables.Strawberries and cantaloupe. -Kianna 

Drink water eat fruits and vegetables.Granolas. -Abril 

What are your healthy eating tips?Why do you think it is important to read nutrition labels?

To eat broccoli. Because it may have a lot of sugar. -Desiree

You can share a chocolate bar with another person. That way you don't eat a lot of calories.  - Maria A

To see if what you are eating is actually healthy. -Diana R.

To know how it can affect you. -Gabby

To see if it has a lot of calories or sugar. -kianna 

Eat fruits and vegetables.To see how much fat they have. -Abril

What are your tips to being healthy?

at fruits and vegetables. -Desiree 


Eat fruit. -Maria A. 

Junk food taste good but healthy is better. -Diana R.

Try to stay active by going outside. -Gabby 

Avoid eating unhealthy. -Kianna

Don't waist your time in dumb things exercise! -Abril 

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