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So I am currently taking a Chicano/Chicana class and what we were talking about yesterday I thought it was a good class conversation. 

It all started on how the rights of men and women are so different, a few years back, and how today we still see some discrimination on the women, just because we are women. Society has classified us as "weak", and that is how some jobs see us as..."weak".

That was not his point tho, his point was, if that is why men do not graduate from college. Is it because they have to be the "strong" arm of the family?

His point was on how Latinas have made a huge change education wise, how years ago there was a huge gap between how many men would graduate school, and how many women didn't. And today

He talked about how out of no where females made a huge jump and are almost caught up to the percentage of men graduating with a college degree. He is a male and he questioned why did the males thought that had happened, because the percentage of the male has gone down. They had no reason, but he kept saying that whatever females were doing, for us to keep on doing it. 

And it is mind blowing and realizing how much females have improved, from just being at home doing "what females should be doing" that, that is cleaning, taking care of kids, shopping, helping the family, ironing, ,etc. to becoming doctors, and having the chance that most women did not have many years ago. 

Slowly we are making a change, we are not the ones who stay at home and do work there, we are not the ones who just have to be there to support the family in a emotional way. By attending school, and growing as a person we are having better jobs than some men do. 

Is it because men go work straight after high school?

Is it because they need to get easy and fast money to support their family?

Is it because they are just becoming too lazy?

Or is it because Latinas are realizing that attending school is important in order to have a good job?

As a Latin community we should support each other and help out that way the Latin culture will grow some more. But if it because Latinas are realizing that without school we are not going to get good jobs, that is really impressive and that is great, because we need to make a mark in this world.

So Latinitas...keep up the good work!

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