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Hot Topic Response - Michael Jackson's Death

OMG! That's what I said to my husband on Thursday afternoon over a text message. Then again in the evening when I got home. And again at night when we were getting ready for bed. It was truly a shock and very hard to believe! My husband made the comment that everyone else seems to believe, "He (Michael Jackson) was the one person in the world I never thought would die! Or surely we would all be dead before HIM!!"
I think that his influence on us throughout his entire life was beyond comprehension. That is why we held him to such supernatural standards, if you will. We viewed him as above it all and invincible. His death was a great reality check as much as it was a shock...
He transcended music, dance, and life (to a certain point) and for many of us this is ordinarily impossible. But, in a way I feel like his death may have brought him a sort of piece that he would never have had in this life as Michael Jackson. If we really think about it, he had to sacrifice his childhood - his life. He was the greatest and the most admired by the world, but he was never able to be his own person. His life was everyone else's. He made a huge sacrifice which most of us take for granted...and for that I will view his death as our loss, but his relief!

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Comment by Jaelyn Galindo on July 6, 2009 at 2:08pm
Yeah i feel really bad , not only did he die and left his admires freinds and more importantly his family. Jackson never have a childhood. By the time he was five he was lead singer of the jackson five. we love you michael jackson!




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