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How does media negatively impact girls' body image?

-Media affects girls by making them think they are not pretty enough or that they are not wearing a pretty size and it makes girls want to change themselves in the wrong way.

-Jacklyn, Nicole & Kayla

Why is it important to have a good body image?

-So they don't have to feel bad about themselves.

-So you could stay healthy.

-So young teenage girls won't self abuse themselves because they think they are ugly or hideous.

-They will be happy with themselves and love life and not hate it. 

-So they could think good things about themselves and not think they are not pretty.

-So they won't lower their self-esteem.

-Destiny, Kendrea, Desiree, Julia, Lanal

What are the negative consequences of having a low self-esteem?

-Harming yourself

-Feeling less confident.

Thinking low of yourself

-Being angry

-Feeling depressed and unpleasant.

-Layla, Ashley, Alex, Iris, Savanna

Why do you think photoshopping model photos is bad?

-Because if they don't like your picture they change it.

-Because it is not the real you.

-If you think you are pretty they change you up.

-You don't look the same.

-Nevaeh, Chriss, Katelyn, Nicole

Do you think altered photos can hurt girl's self-esteem?

-It is awful because they don't look that way and girls wish they were them.

-It makes me angry because we want to be appreciated for who we are and not just what we look like.

-It makes girls sad because they don't appreciate how they look.

-It makes girls sad because they don't actually look that way.

-Avan, Dyani, Aileen

Why is it important not to compare yourself to models?

_Because you are beautiful the way you are

-You should just be yourself all the time

-Models aren't perfect they just use photoshop.

-Ayla & Amanda

What would you tell a friend if she wasn't confident in herself?

-To believe in yourself

To think positive

-Don't listen to other negative opinions

-Be who you are

-Natalie, Alyssia, Natalia

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