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I never thought a piece of jewelry would come to define me, but it has

And they do.

I love hoops and I can honestly say that hooking hoops on my ears is the one source of confidence I’ve managed to gain as I come to realize that without them, my outfit, my SELF feels as though it is lacking. It lacks a culture representation that Latina's hold. I've come to realize that without them on my outfit is plain. Nothing feels as good as feeling ready to take on the world, where walking with your back straight and feeling ever presently cool.

I don’t want to make this a race issue or a hate issue, but I have been told that wearing hoops beyond 1.5 inches is “distracting.” Distracting in that is makes people turn heads because I am "provoking sexual stares" and/or it is offensive.

I’d like to think both these issues are at hand. I have been told they are distracting to my male colleagues, and that our guests find them “offensive.”


Note, our guests are Anglo Americans.

I just want to confirm that I am Native American, but I don’t go flaunting the fact that this land is mine. I am proud, VERY proud of my heritage, race, whatever you want to call it,  but finally realizing that white privilege is alive and very real, brings me pain.I am human. Pain that makes me want to fight, for woman rights and our rights to proudly proclaim we are Native, Uruguay, Panamanian, Peruvian, and everything in between. Let me reiterate, not one race is better than another. Neither gender is better than another either.

I am not “trying to seduce’ men or women, or any of that. Who has time to search for a significant other when there’s so much going on in the world?

I don’t want to create a hostile environment, but when someone blatantly tells me that I peruse men with my eyes, my looks, when clearly I am simply existing, it’s a loop that us women, minorities need to speak up against.

I need women of all kinds to stop pretending that they aren’t envious, aren’t trying to segregate the united. I can go on and on, but let me end here as anger hurts no one but myself.

I own me. My hoops do not define me. They are a tool of adornment. I never felt so fire without them.



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