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So most of the time I have out and about doing interviews, for school. I have been doing this for maybe 2 years now, I am a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso, I have interviewed people in Juarez, which that means in Spanish, I have interviewed people from L.A. who have been here for certain events, as well as people from different Church's, and even kids. Let's not forget our Military as well.

So indeed I can say I have interviewed different types of people, but for some reason till this day I get nervous. I get nervous when I have to email them to schedule an interview, and I freak out and blank out when I have to come up with the questions. For example I have to interview this DJ who has been working for a radio station here for years now, but he recently opened a restaurant/nigh club, and since we are border land, I need to ask him that has affected him, for instance I mean he has talked how he grew up going to Juarez when he was young into the night live over there. As an comparison the night live over there and here are way different...well that is what a lot of people say. I cannot speak for that because I don't travel to Juarez late at night. He seems like he is a young humble person, but for some reason, just the thought of having to interview him, and having to stand in front of him with a camera, gets me nervous, go figure huh, I mean, I am not the one who is standing in front of the camera, more like I am the one holding it. I know these feelings are weird, and is one thing that I hate when it comes to being professional, it seems I can handle it good at the moment, but my inside goes nuts!

What I am trying to explain is, okay so I have been doing this for 2 years, this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life..(well fingers crossed, and everything goes as planned) , but has this stopped me these two past years? No! These events have been for grades, for school, and maybe that is one of the things, that I can't fail, but this is the thing that keeps me motivated. Why? Because I enjoy what I do. You have to enjoy the things you do, in order to do a good work, I am not your typical shy person, but I know what I want, and even tho it is nerves breaking, I am able to handle it last minute, but because I enjoy it so much. I am able to know how much I enjoy it, when I see the final piece, when my videos or stories are edited, and submitted and done...going through them is a way better feeling than the nervous I felt days before. 

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