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Immigrant Mom Treated as a Criminal and Loses Custody of Her Own Child

I've been following the story of a Guatemalan woman in the MidWest who was seized in a raid, was undocumented and as a result incarcerated. Her young son, a baby, was put into foster care and recently a state agency began adoption proceedings with that family despite the mother's desire to reclaim her child upon the completion of her deportation hearing.

Last I read in the NY Times months ago - the ACLU had stepped in, to my relief. Justice would be served. A boy would go to his mother.

I was wrong. News today reported she, Encarnacion Bail Romero, is losing custody of her son to the foster couple who have renamed her son Carlos, Jamison, a brand of Irish whiskey.  My heart sank.  I thought about my son, who if I wasn't in the picture could be in the same kind of jeopardy of the system.  Mostly, I could not fathom how her son could be taken from her, legally and that her crime of not having status is the sole evidence, according to the court, of her "unfitness" as a mother. The lump in the throat grows as I think how not exclusive this case is or how other familes are ripped apart in other ways, simply because people want to make a living and a better life for that said kid who is being battled over in court.  Would the adoptive family risk life, status and limb to work in a foreign country to provide for this kid. Apparently, they are so entitled enough to steal someone else's child I don't think they can hold a candle to the courage of someone like Bail Romero who worked in the shadows in most likely paltry conditions of a chicken factory while raising a kid.  All the money and privilege this intruding adoptive family has could not compare to the dedication Carlo's (his actual name) mother has committed, the sacrafices she has made and abuse she has suffered for the sake of her legacy, her child.

No translators were in the courtroom today during the decision. That seems shady.  All I can say is that those adoptive parents, or more appropriately, kidnappers will have to face this child down the road when he wonders why they stripped him of his culture, his identity and his true family that desperately wanted him back.  They will have to answer to all of it as the digital archive will be something they can't hide.  If you really loved that kid - would you want him to have what's rightfully his - his heritage, his home, his mother? 

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Comment by Marifer on August 2, 2012 at 3:20pm

This is so heart-breaking! I would be so devastated if I was in their situation. There are many injustices that happen in this country to many immigrants that it makes me wonder where the people who are fighting for them and their rights are? There is too much racism and selfishness in this world that leads people take away the humanity of others who are less powerful and more vulnerable. It is simply not right.

Comment by Vasti Saray Carrion on July 31, 2012 at 11:53pm

p>Wow! That is unfair to give a child to adoption when the mother has not consented. That is sad, they don't realize the amage they are doing to both, mother and child. This (unfortuntely) also happens in a lot of Latin American countrie,s but to a worst extent. In L.American countries children are taken away from the poor (it does not matter whether they comitted a crime or not) and given away to foster homes, who in turn, profit because foreigners pay a lot of money for foster kids. I would want for this guatemalan child to be his truthful




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