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Immigration detention is an issue that hits home with me. This term refers to incarceration of undocumented people, basically because they are 'caught without papers' in the U.S. However lawful this may seem, how unfair is it really? 

Personally, I would believe that this in most cases is an extreme measure. I'm from a border city, where if an undocumented immigrant from Mexico is caught, they could easily be deported to Mexico. The bridge is right there. However, most face jail for unknown amounts of time. 

My mother is undocumented. She's been living in the U.S. for almost 23 years now and has been deported a couple of times. She's tried to gain citizenship before, but the system always denies her. She eventually gave up and just stayed in Laredo, Texas under the radar. At least, until a couple of years ago. 

When I was in seventh grade, I got home to an empty house and wondered when my mom was going to get home from work. My neighbor had to tell me otherwise. Border Patrol officers had come to my house, for a reason I will never know, and demanded to see my mother's papers. Of course, she admitted that she didn't have any and they arrested her. I know she'd been deported before and they always let her go on the bridge a day later, if not a couple of hours. 

This time she was in jail for about six months. It was unfair and I hated seeing my mom in that situation. She's always been strong and her time in jail proved it further. She mentioned how unfair she was treated and felt like she didn't have a voice because she was undocumented. To them, she was a criminal. 

Every day, undocumented people may fear deportation for more than just being deported. They fear that the system will be cruel to them. 

My mom is an example of unfair immigration detention. She lived through it and I did too, I had to get by without my mom for months and that was a hard feat. 

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