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Not too long ago, I was writing here to describe my struggle in deciding whether I should continue living in Thailand. It was a place I was very attached to, with it's unique environment, full of different colors, sounds, sights and tastes. A place where people were kind and strange in the way that they provoked me to want to know more. I had good and honest friends, stimulating relationships and a nice job in which I felt respected and appreciated. Leaving all of those things and a place where I felt like more than just a visitor was not easy.

During my last month in Asia, I traveled to different countries, and before doing that, I packed all of my belongings to meet my dad in Bangkok. It was a sudden decision I made- take all of my things to say goodbye to the life I had built during a full year. It was a whole different life than I had experienced before, since it was after all, a completely different place. To be honest, making that decision was easy, and I'll explain why.

Weeks before I packed my things, I had made up my mind on one thing. I would make a responsible decision on the choices I had in front of me at that very point in time. I had two choices: go back home or stay in Thailand. I wanted to choose the second one, but I knew that if a different opportunity came up, I should consider taking it. I knew I had to push myself for new opportunities, because what was stopping me after all? I decided that I would go back 'home' if I was accepted for a Masters in Journalism, and if I wasn't, then I would stay in Thailand. In this way, I knew that I would have made my biggest effort in expanding all of my opportunities. 

Some days after I had made that decision, I decided to complete a one week meditation retreat (which I will talk about in further detail on another post), and I was able to soothe my mind from all of the thoughts and decisions I had been thinking of over the past months. After a week of silent meditation, my mind felt at ease and I felt more aware of what I wanted. Explaining that is quite complex. It was like my mind was quieter than ever before, and through that silence, it was able to hear what was of great essence to me. I felt excited about the idea of changing place, of discovering something new and learning something different. I began to hope that a good opportunity would arise. 

I arrived to the town where I lived, after my meditation retreat, and opened up my email, knowing I would have an admission response by then. Slowly but surely I began to read "We are proud to announce you have been accepted into our journalism program at Columbia University." There was no doubt, it was time to pack my things. That moment right there, called for the easiest decision I ever made. 

I would like to say that these past years have been very important to me, and through this process I've always felt that Latinitas has been one of my biggest inspirations to keep on discovering and growing. I think that we all have the potential to do great things, and it is through a community such as this one, that we can push ourselves for more, and more. 

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Comment by Alyssa Vega on September 16, 2013 at 11:52am

Wow! This sounds like an amazing experience. Kudos to you for having the courage to experience new things no matter how frightening the  "unknown" might be. You write beautifully. As a writer, that's something I appreciate. I look forward to hearing about your experiences in Journalism at Columbia if you decide to share!

Comment by Wendy Gonzalez on May 28, 2013 at 1:03pm

wow!! You are an inspiration and a great role model!...The reason why I opened your post was because I saw the beautiful hair do jaaj! I thought it was going to be some hair/beauty tips :P well congratulations and I admire your ability to live far away from home I dont think I would ever be able to do that I am to attached to my culture and my people I feel like I would feel so empty living somewhere where I had no connection to the soil the culture and the people. I imagine its an amazing experience but you really have to have guts!.. :) my respects to you! :)




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