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Just in case you didn't think it was winter, mother nature came around to demostrate the power of freezing temperatures. 

My friend from Chicago, braced for the winter storm of the year calling it snowpocalypse! 

I live in Texas, which is pretty far from Illinois, but I still had to prepare for this huge storm that has halted city life. 

In El Paso, it is Day 3 of schools being closed down. Rolling blackouts are part of my life now. Since Wednesday, 7 of the 8 power generators of the city have been down. The electric company has instituted these power outrages to conserve energy and to provide it to the most critical locations....I'm guessing the hospitals take priority. I really wouldn't want the lights to go out while a doctor is performing surgery. 


In Austin and San Antonio, they have also been experiencing cold temperatures, rolling blackouts and today there was snow. Schools were closed down which made a lot of my friends that live in those cities very happy indeed. 


In Abilene, where my friend is living to attend phmaracy school, has also had schools shut down for the last 3 days. 


My friend in Dallas has also called and told me that they had a lot of snow and that they closed a lot of things down. 


Lubbock hasn't had snow yet according to my old roommate that is now attending law school at Texas Tech, but will be expecting some on Monday. Her school has been delayed but not cancelled. And they have to make up classes (I guess you can't ever really cancel law school class). 


I feel this blog has turned into some type of weather report. hehe, But what I'm getting at, is that IT'S COLD in a lot of places. I'm just so glad that I have a warm place to live and that even though these rolling blackouts are so annoying, it's better than being completely without electricity all day. I hope that everyone has warm shelter and I worry about the people that don't and our neighboring city and country (Juarez) where I know a lot of people have been with no water or electricity. Some don't even have a heater. 

Also, I have a extra soft side for animals (especially dogs). I can not even watch Animal Police on Animal Planet without a box of Kleenex. Every time it's cold, I think of all the stray dogs and cats out there and I hope they find a safe place.  

If you're in a one of these cities or in any city that has freezing temperatures, make sure to be safe and stay warm. The sun will soon come out. After all, spring is coming up! 

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