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Yesterday, June 27th, me and my 7 other fellow campers along with help from our "camp official" filmed a video called Keep it real. You can search Keep it real latinitas and its on the latintas magazine channel!


We all had an idea for this video after we heard about the #keepitreal campaign/movement on twitter yesterday. If you don't know about it, here's a little bit about it. Four organizations, Miss Representation, SPARK Movement, Lovesocial, and I Am That Girl. Together they've organized a 3-day internet revolution which uses 3 types of social media on three different days to pressure teen meagazines to stop the photoshop.

June 27th - Twitter users can directly ask magazines to pledge to keep it real and put one non-photoshopped, real image in their next magazine issue.

June 28th - Bloggers can blog about how media/magazine images (photoshopped images) have impacted their life.

June 29th - Instagram users can post their pictures of true, real beauty, which is a non-photoshopped picture.


For more information visit:

To find out more on how you can join the movement visit:                                                      


To find out more and how you can join visit:


To keep up with the movement visit:


To learn more and follow the movement visit:




Our goal for the video: We want all of you girls to copy the link below and share it on your facebook, email it to friends, and tweet about it to your followers! We want to make this video big, so that we can spread awareness beyond the latinitas community, but we can only do this with your help...without it, it won't be possible. We also want all of you girls to get invovled by blogging today, adn instagraming tomorrow. Maybe you're already involved in the movement, then comment on this blog post about your expireience with media image photoshopping, getting involved with this campaign, or even what you felt after you watched our Keep it Real video. If you watched our video and felt moved, or maybe you have some thoughts of your own, post a response video on Youtube with "Keep it real chica TV response video" in or as the tittle. :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this video with everyone you know, they don't just have to be women, we want to hear everyone's thoughts on the keep it real campaign, photoshopped pictures specific or general, let everyone hear your voice. :) Just remember to put KEEP IT REAL CHICA TV RESPONSE VIDEO in the title, and it doesn't have to be capitalized.




Video Link:







I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!




Ellie :)

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Comment by Cynthia Amaya on June 28, 2012 at 11:52am

Thank you for spreading the word, Ellie! That was a great video and I know it will help spread the word. Magazines, especially those for teenage girls, need to realize that using Photoshop is harmful for our self-image!




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