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      I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to post about next. I started plenty of blogs but not one seemed to be what I wanted to say. I found all of the blogs I started either too personal, too emotional, too self-centered, too nerdy, or maybe not Latino enough. So, let's talk about keeping up with one's blog.

    It is not hard to fall behind on your blog when you are busy, tired, lazy, cranky, overwhelmed, delirious, mad, or distracted by cute, smart, nerdy boys with amazing personalities. There are plenty of excuses one can concentrate and many ways to lose focus but when it comes to it; you must find the way to continue sharing your voice.

     If you have no idea what to write about, don't limit yourself. It is fine to blog about many things that you care about because when it comes down to it, the things you write about represent who you are and "paint a picture." Forget all petty excuses and fears of whatever people will have to say after they have read what you have put out there. This will eventually help you refine your voice.

     The worst thing that you can do when encountering a mental block is continue to beat yourself up about not being able to write about the one thing you wanted to write about in the first place. Do not beat yourself up!  If you beat yourself up, you will only make the mental block harder to break down and maybe end up going in circles and wasting time.

     Take a break if you have to do so. Maybe you do find yourself going in circles and all you can think about is sleep, Doritos, politics, make up, Chihuahuas, magazines, technology, music, Shakespeare, or whatever else that's making your blogging goals unreachable. Leave the room, drink water, meditate, watch a show, relax and then get back to work. You will feel better after you have done whatever it is that you really want to do anyway.

     If the problem is quite opposite and your mental block actually comes from knowing what to say but not knowing how to say it, don't worry. Seriously, love yourself for having so much to say that you can't even sit down and crank one idea out. Make a list and tackle it slowly. It is similar to remembering how to live one-day at a time. Keep it simple. You can also ask for help in order to find the right direction you want to take with a blog. Talking to others might help you organize your thoughts and narrow down the contents of each blog.

     Once you get over all of this, maybe you can try to come up with a particular topic that you really enjoy and love to make the center theme of everything you blog about. This will enable you to be able to gush about everything you know about the topic and keep you motivated. It can also make you an expert blogger.

    Now, most of what I have said might seem to only pertain to writing blogs. Keep in mind that there are several ways to blog. Get creative and explore with the different types of ways you can create blog posts. This will not only make the blog more dynamic and interesting but help you practice how make videos, podcasts, photo series, stories on storify, etc. It can be challenging to use technology instead of writing but it can be what you need to get your blog-on.

     I hope I did not miss to mention any advice I have about the subject. I leave on a cliché note by urging you to have as much fun as you can because that is what it is all about. Color the walls Latinitas, color the walls!


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Comment by Jessica Salinas on November 15, 2012 at 3:18pm

Great post and all so true! 




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