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Two weeks ago at the Latinitas Fashionista Camp the girls were asked some questions about fashion.

1. How do you describe your style?

“Bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, and red. Sometimes dark colors like purple, green, and black. T-shirt, shorts, and jeans.”—Learsi Lopez

“My style is casual and plain. I also like shirts with designs and shorts, especially in the summer.”—Jessia Reyes

“The way I describe my style is casual. For example, a t-shirt with jeans.”—Bianca Dellossie

“I would describe my style as colorful and fun.”—Jazmine C. Valles

“I would describe my style as comfortable and stylish for the season. My style would also be fun and flexible.”—Daelyn Marquez

“I like comfy clothes because they make me relax. I recommend onesies. You're basically wearing a blanket. It's too comfy.”—Celeste Aurora Hernandez

2. What type of clothing/accessories/brands/style do you like to wear?

“The brand I like wearing is Forever 21.”--Jocelyn

"My favorite store/brand would be Abercrombie. And my favorite accessory that I like is elastic headbands and flower earrings.”--Jessia

“The brands I like to wear are Forever 21, Rue 21, Abercrombie & Fitch—basically anything I feel cozy in! The accessories I like to wear are earrings and necklaces.”--Jazmine

“I like wearing Target clothes because they are cozy and I like their summer style. I like wearing bows that match with my outfit.”--Daelyn

3. What is a must have clothing item that everyone should have in their closet?

“The clothing piece item that you must have in your closet is a blouse.”--Jocelyn

“A girl must have a pair of jeans and a plain shirt. The reason why is because jeans are really comfortable and so is the plain shirt.”--Jessia

“The thing I must have in my closet is jeans because you can wear them with anything.”--Bianca

1. "A crop top

2. Jeans

3. Cozy shirt

4. Heels

5. Joggers"


“Every girl should have a pair of fit jeans in her closet. It looks good with everything.”--Daelyn

“Onesies. Definitely onesies. You're basically wearing a blanket. It's too comfy.”—Celeste

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