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I'm a very symbolic person. I always try to find meaning in things and I guess it's my way of motivating myself to keep pushing forward. I never really stick with the same "symbol" for too long, though. Whether it's a quote, a picture or an object, I always find a new one after about 2 weeks or so but this one is different.

This past summer, somehow, I stumbled across a picture of a lion. I remember looking at it for a while and getting this immediate burst of inspiration. I wrote for an hour and came up with a "Writer's To-Do List" of things I wanted to achieve. Something about the essence of the picture made me think of that phrase, having "the heart of a lion." I needed to be lion-hearted. Truth is, I was in a slump. Between summer school and working full-time, I didn't seem to be doing everything I thought I should be doing. I was disappointed. I had different expectations of how I thought the summer would go and being the control freak that I am, I was angry at myself for not doing bigger and better things. That picture created this new train of thought and it's stuck with me for months. Ever since then, Lions seem to pop up when I need them most.

It's amazing how we can find inspiration all around us. The only catch is paying attention to the world. Whenever you're going through a difficult time, use it as a way to change. Sometimes we don't even realize our true strength until we're pushed to our limits. Find ways to keep pushing even if the odds are against you. Be courageous.

"Fear not, we are of the nature of the lion, and cannot descend to the destruction of mice and small beasts." -Elizabeth I

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