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I never imagined id be one to write about menopausal mothers, as I would blindly like to forget that my mother has passed through this stage in her life.

My boyfriends’ family is going through what seems like the most difficult time with their mother and her erratic behavior. I am sure it is both her repetitive child like behavior that’s slowly making them feel  as though they are losing their mind. In the 2 years that I lived with them, I have witnessed the slow mind of their mother due to menopause. This is not the only worry though, not the only and not the least bit. 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and from what I am told, she has slowly decomposed from there.

The once energetic, placid mom has what seems, like the mind of someone with advanced stages of Alzheimer's. She chose, never to go back to get a free breast replacement surgery and she jumps at the ones who’ve tried to help her the most, namely her daughter, whom has no concept of what's been going on while she's been away at college.

I understand that menopause has not definite end or beginning but I am reaching out to someone who may know more than me, to help.

As of lately, well in the past 24 hrs, she has not slept a decent amount to qualify as good rest. She’s awoken at 2, 4, 6 and 8 screaming at her children to wake up and give her the car keys, knowing full well that she blanks out while on the road. The last time she took the keys, a man ran a red light and smashed the right side of the Honda. With that, she’s racked a bill of 1400. It may seem, as though I am talking bad about her, but I really want to know more about this degenerative disease.

Does it kill slowly and why does it seem to affect her, in particular. From what she told me, she refuses cancer treatment only because she felt sick after chemo treatment. Well of course, they probably pump some very hard drugs into your system.

If she has so much faith, why does she refuse spiritual help?

 I ask so many questions because it seems like she acts normal when she knows I am around. When my mother went through the same stage in her life, she did not seem half as bad. Sure, she would often burst into fits of anger, but never seemed to lose her mind.

It may be a combination of depression, loss of hope, ungrateful children, but what sort of excuse can you come up with when you lost ways to make up for them?

Someone help me understand, please?

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