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Mi Apá (Thoughts on Hot Topic : For Father´s Day)

Obviously, when I was little, my dad was my superheroe. He used to play nintendo for me on the difficult underwater worlds in mario 1, and read stories to me *every* night (wonder why I am a writer). He used to save me a lot, and what I loved the most was to walk by his side with my hand on his arm.

When I grew up, sadly I lost touch with him a little. As all parents, mine have arguments, and I usually sided with my mother (at least mentally). It took me some time to discover that my father's way for dealing with life issues was to be comic and indifferent in some cases, something that I find very admirable since I tend to worry too much, like my mother. I am just discovering that side of him, and lately we've been talking more about things I've wanted to learn - how to do somethings he only knows, about carpentry and cars specially,- and it was specially touching to see him relate one of the stories he used to tell me and that I loved the most to one of my little cousins.

My dad is pretty old (he had me when he was 45). I'm the only child of his marriage, he used to have another family with two kids, but got divorced and then met my mother. I almost don't know my half-sister and half-brother; my dad has grandsons from my half-sister but they almost never communicate, which I think is really sad not to even phone him on dad's day or on his birthday. But then again, I couldn't imagine what it must have been to be the child of a divorced parent who leaves, for I've had him always by my side. He never speaks of those times.

Another thing that makes my dad special: even though all those downsides of life, he is still fighting. He got prostate cancer several years ago, and got over it, and has always, ALWAYS woken up at 5 AM to do excercise. He walks and moves his arms (its kinda funny to watch) but he does that to keep his health everyday. He goes to work on a shoe store he owns, and has stablished for himself a daily routine of going with his friends to drink coffee everyday for breakfast. I want to do that at his age too, keep my mind active with a job, my body active with exercises and keep in touch with my relationships.

For this father's day... I'm writing him that story he used to tell me and giving it as a gift for him.

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