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Miley Cyrus song of the summer has me F*$@> Fancied...NOT.

So I was jammin' out to music as I walked home from a long day with a stroll down the neighborhood, with myself of course. No life?

har har

I had my first encounter with MILEY CYRUS' NEW SONG, "We Can't Stop" and i was beyond confused.

Not because she's growing up and leaving Disney channel behind and in doing so has done everything to take that good girl image out.

I get it, I get it, she's hip and that hair is pretty pimp, but seriously, those sexual innuendos always wins for airplays, but ALWAYS fail at teaching our future leaders how to be responsible.

For example, her lyric, "We can't stop, we wont stop" could be interpreted as, REFUSING TO STOP. I mean, not to sound all negative, but ask any girl between the ages of 13 and 21, if given the chance to party all night without sleep, just fun, I'm sure more than 1/2 would do so. That is if they weren't trying to get their beauty sleep or have anything productive to do, like save young girls from watching garbage media, duh.

Yes, Miley is over 18, but with age comes responsibilities. In the video it seems like she goes to bed-EVER. I'm sure everyone wishes they looked as fly after a night of smoking and twerking. Good lord, I'll be a sweaty, hot mess!

Sure, it's cool that she has friends of other races, but saying, "To my girls with the big butts, dancing like we at a stripclub," just reinforces black stereotypes and limits the possibilites of young girls. I know for certain, I do not only want to be known as a dancing rabbit. Sorry, I say rabbit because that is what twerking looks like to me.


  According to, twerking is "the vigorous shaking of the gluteus maximus to solicit sexual arousal" or in my case, laughter. I say laughter, sorry Miley fans, because it really does look like a jumping bunny. Sorry, not sorry.

It may sound like "fun" or look appealing to those women (ahem, myself) who can't move her big hips, but if I don't want my already confused teenage niece(about growing up in general), to see such a thing, I think "disliking this video is as good as refusing to show this video anywhere. Like seriously, sure, yes, Miley is maturing, debate this one ladies, but I feel like more and more girls want to fit into that kickass/badass sexually aggressive attitude for fear of being outcast.

Yes Miley, "It's your mouth and you can say what you want," but gosh darnit, I'm sure waking up to "sweaty bodies" everywhere is not something a nine year old or even a 13 year old should strive to do. 

...and yes, "It's your mouth, you can say what you want," but if my Abuela heard such words coming out my mouth, she'd be so taken back, she'll smack me hard on the pompis. No, this is not a reference to your fashionably, sexually suggestive fast motin slapping you interpret in your video.

Gosh darnit.

For the record Miley, you also killed my hopes for Barbie. Kissing Barbie, in the pool, made me question Mattel's choice of not putting any underwear on that doll. Poor Barbie, it's insanity I tell you!


If you find yourself at a twerking party, not being able to stop, remember, honestly, that you can. Waking up to a room full of naked bodies is downright freightening. Be careful, practice safe partying girls!

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