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I just spent the last hour notating FB posts that young girls put on their feed as a means of laughter or seriousness and they all have in common the fact that they learn from each other and therefore perpetuate a cycle of not knowing the seriousness of who may watch them.

For example, posts of Rihanna and her now ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, giving the message that if you say long enough or endure the "ups and downs of a relationship" you too can conquer their partners demons and change the person to become a better human being, when really the case is that a chica involved should show more "loyalty" to her dog.

These posts are skewed and make me want to hurl my computer at the wall. These threads are a lot like fire, they grow and grow, and what is more terrifying is that they continue to come from younger chicas.

This is a problem, if we do not instill some sort of self appreciation among our adolescent and young girls, guess who will? The media, of course. The media in this sense is social networks, search sites and other ignorant classmates.

I see it clearly now, but of course, many would argue, "Girls have to learn one way, one day.," and all I can do is say, "BUT it can all be avoided before anything gets out of hand."

Think of the girl who was raped in Egypt. If those boys had any idea on matters of respect, if someone had taught them sense in their grade school years, none of the events that took place, would have happened.

It isn't that apparent in technologically advanced countries like ours, but I see it. I see it everyday and it starts with my social networking newsfeed. "hey B***" starts one girl, "what's up sl****" responds the other..this merciless talk is a catalyst for worst things to come and it's apparent because seconds later a male responds with, "hey big booty b****" and the cycle continues because all in the name of media, films, TV, magazines often portray a women being able to get their love, if only one gets treated like dirt. I.E. Disney movies.

Not to mention the messages of FEMINISM through celebrities.

I just feel so bad for girls these days, this sort of talk is prevalent and I doubt they have the best teachers around. Take Miley Cyrus who described herself as a feminist to vogue magazine by describing feminism as being able to "have beautiful women around me because I love myself" and all that jazz.

Please, and do I need to bring Beyoncé and her adorable little girl who sang the lyrics to surfboard," unbeknownst that it references to a sex position. It's clear to me now, all these hidden messages in language through music and TV and movies, because I am in a heightened state of awareness, but really, for all those chicas growing up in todays media filled world, their form of knowledge comes from other girls. It is apparent too. Many young girls on my social network are uploading 25 photos in order to validate their stance on beauty...and you might think, "oh gosh, they love photo selfies...and let them be.." but really, they are some sad individuals who cant seem to function without their mobiles to live. The constant media checking to let everyone see them, hear them is a reminder that they exist, when really "being" is about LIVING. ...I wouldn't call LIVING life as spending your every 20 min. on social networks and yelling that you exist by the number of right angles you take of yourself, the constant places you tag yourself and the number of likes you can must.


Reality is that the likes are social networks way of keeping track of what sort of person they can advertise to.

I am so ready for someone to start implementing FEMINISM as a course in grade school for young girls and boys.

I'm ready whenever any of you are.


The world, it seems, is running around with its head cut off.

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