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I began breaking out at the age of 10. As a fifth grader in Elementary school i think i was the first kid to have break outs, By sixth grade my forehead was covered and in middle school my forehead and chin were populated. I was embarrassed and ashamed and in a lot of ways I could not stand looking at myself. I envied EVERYONE with clear skin and felt that I would never be beautiful.

For me Acne was inevitable. My parents had it when young, my cousins on both sides of my family where covered in them and most importantly my brother was the worst case of acne I had ever seen. Kids in school were brutal, they'd say things like "why don't you just wash your face, "pizza face," and " chicken pox." All things that were very hurtful to me. I came from a low income family so my parents couldn't help me other than by buying face wash for me.I remember at one point I was washing my face over 5 times a day and using rubbing alcohol to sterilize. (not knowing that this is harmful)

After a while I took up sports and started taking care of my figure and weight. This helped to control my acne but i noticed that a lot of my breakage was due to stress at home or school. I still remember what I did with my first paycheck at the age of 16. I bought PROACTIVE. It helped for a few months then my skin became sort of immune to it. I remember that for those 3 months I was the happiest I had been in a very long time. After I graduated from high school my mom became very sick. That, mixed with work and school made my acne turn into a severe case. I thankfully had a good job and was able to afford Laser treatments and medicine for my acne. They taught me how to keep my acne under control using a combination of treatments and balanced diet. And for two years I've been acne free. I still have scars but at least they dont hurt and I still receive treatments to minimize them. And i get one breakout every two weeks. (which is normal now.) It seems like I will be fighting acne well into adult age but I no longer feel ugly or unattractive. I am beautiful, I have a great body, an amazng Fiance (who also suffers from Acne, somehow that attracted me to him) and a wonderful life. Make up helps to cover it but I've learned to love myself for who I am. I can walk around without make up and be ok. And knowing my history and my fiance's i know that when my children begin to break out I will be there for them and I will know how to deal with it.

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