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My Prom and Tips for Yours. With pictures!!!

Hello lovelies,

My prom was last Saturday. I'm a junior, so I kind of didn't make this prom a big effort, but I didn't do nothing either. 

1. Don't have a date? Don't fret, go with friends!

I know a lot of people who actually said they think they had more fun at prom when they didn't bring a date. Many felt like being with friends gave you more liberty in dancing often and just having plain, nonjudgmental fun. Whereas with a date, people felt like it was awkward when put in the situation to leave them to dance with a friend or stay bound to the table the entire time.

Now I'm not saying bringing a date is totally not-fun, I'm only stating that if you're a gal who is scared you won't have, don't worry! Prom is not a "Date Only Dance." 

Also, if your school offers a single ticket price and a different couple ticket price, in which case the couple ticket was cheaper (like mine was) share with a friend!

2. The getting ready process. Inexpensive versus expensive.

For this prom, I knew I wasn't going to go all out, after all it wasn't my senior prom. So the only things I really paid for was my dress (a short, light blue one from Forever 21 that cost me $30 bucks) and medias ($5 at Wal-Mart, nude color.) My shoes I had from a while ago, so for others, it's different. 

To add to my outfit, I actually did a DIY for tattooed tights from Secret Life of a Bio Nerd. (Here's the link: ) And here's a picture of how mine came out. 

 Around four o'clock I headed to my friends house to do the actual getting ready part which is part of my fifth point. 

There I did the hair of two of my friends as well as my own. You don't have to go to the salon to get fancied hair or to the mall for your makeup! Honestly, proms halls are usually dark. However, I do know a lot of people who love doing this stuff and that's perfectly okay too! I did my makeup though, haha. 

3. Get together at a friends house! And have a fun pre-party!

As we all got ready, we ate, and just had good old fun time together as friends. You don't have to go out to fancy restaurants and such. 

Here are some pictures of me and my friends before we left :)

And so, that's about it. Prom can be extravagant for seniors, but if you're in my case, it can be fun just by being with friends and not stressing about the money so much. Do what works for you!!!

I've been blessed with a great group of friends, but even just having a two party girl night, there's no problem in that. 

Hope this helped in looking forward to yours, if it hasn't already passed!

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Comment by Wendy Gonzalez on April 18, 2013 at 9:33pm

Awsome :) I honestly got my prom dress for free from a charity organization that basically gives out prom dresses to people of low income. I did my hair in an hour and I felt beautiful. I dont think prom should be about spending money, it should be about making memories.




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