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Hi guys! So on my last post I got a comment asking to talk about my Quince experience! So I mean if you guys think that it's interesting I'll write about it. Like I said before, I love talking about my Quinceanera and I will take any opportunity given to go on about it. So here you go!! (Shoutout to Jasmine Villa for the idea!!)

I had started thinking about my Quince with my cousins when we were like seven years old. We'd go on for hours into the night when having sleepovers about our parties and how much fun they would be. My cousins and I are really close in age, Adriana is only two years older than me and Vicky is just two months younger. Originally we had planned to have our parties like, fairy princess themed but I mean, we were seven.

We (my mom and I) started officially planning and thinking about my Quinceanera when I was in eighth grade. We began thinking about colors, and a theme, and the court members, it was crazy but I was so excited. When I started coming up with the list of people I wanted to be a part of my court, I started with all of my cousins (and there were quite a few) and then moved on to kids at school. Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous to ask some of the boys to be a part of my Quince. I'm a really shy girl and going up to boys (even the ones I've known my whole life) and asking them to do this was kinda nerve-wracking. But eventually I got all the people I needed and could move on to the next dress.

My cousin Vicky and I went to find our dresses on the same day. Unfortunately she didn't find hers when I found mine but it was still nice to have someone other than my mom to help me pick out my dress. Previously we had decided that my colors would be hot pink and black so I wanted my dress to be at least one, if not both, of those colors. We went to a bunch of different dress shops. I found a really pretty black one that I fell in love with but my mom didn't like it. She found some pretty pink ones but I thought they were too girly. In case you haven't figured it out yet, my mom and I don't get along very well when we are shopping. But then I found it. The perfect dress. At the last store we went to. It jumped out at me and I knew it was the one. To make things better, it was literally a Disney princess dress, like it was made by some Disney company. See, even as a teenager I was still in love with all things Disney. Anyways, I tried it on and loved it. My mom said she liked it too. So we got it. Dress shopping was finally done.

So technically I wanted my theme to be rock and roll, but it didn't really work out. I didn't really have a theme as much as just the two colors I had picked out earlier. But I did convince my mom to instead of having me wear heels that wouldn't last all night, let me wear Chuck Taylor Converse. They were black and knee high and I loved them. Though you couldn't see them under my big dress, I had planned for this and also managed to get a short dress I would wear for the dance part of my party. So you could totally see me rocking my high tops.

We got a lot of things done over the year before my party. We matched up the girls and guys who would be walking together. We found me my escort (a kid I go to school with). We booked the DJ and the hall. We figured out where we would take pictures. We decided who would get me gifts that were presented at the church. Everything was set and ready.

The day before my Quince I got out of school early. My mom, my aunt who had came up from Florida, my best friend, and I went to get our nails done. Since my best friend had helped so much I used money I had saved to pay for hers. After, we went to the hall to have rehearsal and set up. I had all of my court members sign my shoes as a memory. We practiced walking in. We ate pizza and laughed and joked. My mom, cousin Vicky, best friend Emily, and I left the hall around 11 o'clock that night just to go home and be up until like 12:30 in the morning. I could barely fall asleep because I was so excited and my cousin and friend kept making me laugh, but eventually I fell asleep.

The three of us woke up at like six in the morning the next day. The big day. We got up and were just talking. My cousin Heather came over to do mine and some of the other girls' hair before we left for the church. As we waited for everyone to arrive and things to get going, Emily kept me calm and made me laugh. My mom forgot her own dress and my grandma had to go get it. She also forgot the boutineer she got my escort and one of the other moms had to go get that. I emerged from getting ready to have my girls fawning over my dress and the guys going on about my shoes.

Mass went by without a problem. Emily sat across from me and I had to make a point not to look at her because I knew she would make me laugh. We took a million pictures just in front of the church before heading to the park in town to take another million pictures. We took them on the playground and around the playground. We took funny ones and serious ones. My favorites are the ones where my cousin is picking me up and the rest of the guys are laughing and where me and Emily are doing our signature Charlie's Angels pose with the rest of the girls standing around.

After pictures we went to get ice cream. Though we made Emily get her blue moon ice cream in a cup (so she wouldn't spill) ten seconds later she spilled it...on her dress...funny thing is, she didn't even realize it until my mom pointed it out. We took more pictures when we got ice cream and then headed to the hall!!!

We got there and took (more) pictures. We ate the delicious food my aunt and uncle prepared. We took more pictures. I talked to family and friends. I chilled outside with my court members. e acted like goofballs and even though most of us didn't really talk at school, that day I felt closer to these guys and girls than I ever have before.

The dance started up. The singer in the band (who is also my cousin) introduced everyone and we walked in. I stood for pictures. I shared a dance with my dad and my grandpa. Then my court broke out into the Cha-Cha Slide. We danced the night away. I had so much fun dancing with everyone. Not only was there Mexican music, but the DJ played music everyone knew too. I jammed out to Justin Timberlake and Austin Mahone. (Of course we had to play Austin, everyone expected it!)

Normally when girls have their Quinceaneras, they get a lot of money. And they keep it. But, not me. In my invitations I told people that instead of gifts I wanted them to donate to my grandma's scholarship fund. My grandma couldn't be there with us on that night so I wanted to honor her in some way. We made so much money for her scholarship it was incredible. A lot of these people didn't even know my grandma but didn't hesitate to give money. Even the band gave what we paid them back to the scholarship fund.

In my opinion the night was over way too soon. Before I knew it, some of the guys were coming up to say their goodbyes. Then all of my guests started to leave. We started cleaning up and got home around 1:30 in the morning. I opened presents that people got me even though I didn't expect anything more than a donation to my grandma's scholarship fund.

In my opinion, the night was perfect. There are only a few things I would've done differently if given the opportunity to go back and redo it all. I loved every moment of it. People at school talked about my Quince for weeks after. Now that my quince is out of the way, I get to start thinking about my little sister's party. I'm pretty excited because like my mom planned mine, I get to help with hers. I mean yeah it's still seven years away but I can start brainstorming now right? Right?

Well guys that's all for today!! I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was really long. If you had a Quince, share your favorite parts in the comments!! Or, let me know if you want to know anything else about my Quince that I might not have mentioned! Thanks chicas! Until next time!!
-xxx, Dallas

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