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My Spring 2013 Learning Experience So Far

This spring semester has been a marvelous and exhilarating experience for me so far. I currently attend Santa Monica College, an institution of higher education whose environment has nurtured my intellectual curiosity well.

I am a political science major with a strong interest in economics and sociology. I am currently working on earning a degree in public policy. My public policy course this semester has helped me understand eight models that are used when formulating and evaluating public policy.

My term project is on immigration policy. The reality of what has been going on in regards to immigration has been completely influenced by elites whose sole focus is to gain maximum profits at the expense of the masses, often referred to but not treated as, the people.

The rhetoric or discussions revolving around this issue rarely includes the way neo-liberal free trade policies have affected human beings in lesser-developed countries. The media also fails to point out that the Unites States is a hegemonic imperialistic power both economically and militarily and that people who immigrate to the U.S. have been hurt by the country that they ironically expect to find some refuge in.

I plan to work on discussing the effects and the history of the global political economy.

I am also taking a course on the international, or global political economy. It combines the fields of politics, economics, and sociology. It is the most interesting class I have yet to take in my educational path, as it has allowed me to understand and be able to talk about the problems I have been aware of since I was a child.

I have always been critical of the genocides committed in regions throughout the world at the hands of European economic goals. It was something that I saw as a clear reason that explained the disastrous conditions that plague the regions that were previously exploited.

The world outside of Europe was filled with bullion, or gold and silver. Its complex civilizations were rich and technologically advanced. Western Europe was the opposite, until they began to colonize during the fifteenth century.

The former colonies are still being denied economic growth since they are not allowed to use the same protectionist policies that countries such as Great Britain and the United States did when they were busy industrializing with the resources they extracted from their conquered workers and lands.

My goal for my term project is to be able to combine everything that I have been learning and analyzing so far to form an explanation for immigration and the policies that are being used. I also hope to come up with possible solutions based on the economy, which drives politics and cultures.

Another adventure that I am taking has to do with the internship that I am a part of at the Social Justice Learning Institute. It is a non-profit that works to improve the lives of community members through food and education justice. I am working on the food sector that explores ways to improve healthy organic food accessibility for low-income people. This experience has given me much needed insight into the ways that creative humans have ideas that can produce change, and this gives me hope and fuels my determination.

I also joined a club this year called MEChA, where I have been introduced to students who are passionate about education in relation to our student community. The educational system is constantly the target of policies that seek to raise tuition fees and eliminate programs that are seen as material outside of the Western civilization curriculum.

My experiences during this first part of the year have been immensely enriching and even comforting as my knowledge and critical thinking skills have expanded, and as I have met new friends and professors who are mentors that I feel I can trust as they guide me in my search for solutions to problems we as a global community face.

These next few months will be very challenging, but I am ready to put in the effort to gain as much as possible from everything that is going on around me.

A Nice P.S.: A few of my future goals are interning for a non-profit that works with immigration policies and economic refugees, continuing my college education, and figuring out how to attend graduate school.

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