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So we've all heard of the term one of the guys right? Well the other day a friend was talking about how in her drivers ed class a boy was upset that he was missing the baseball game due to their class, so when he sat down she turned around and told him what the score was, and where the players were currently positioned and just about all you would possibly want to know about the game. The boy in her class was extremely surprised to hear that she knew so much information and that she actually kept up with the scores the way a guy would. Now my friend is full on girly and of course you would never expect that but it got me to thinking about how cool it is to sometimes be considered one of the guys.

As girls we know everything and anything about the latest gossip, makeup, celebrity stories, just about anything you name we know it, but it's always very girly stuff, so it kinda leads guys to underestimate our male intellgience towards the mucho manly guy stuff, but the truth is we know a lot! We know what teams we like and although we might not know all the play by play evalutaions of a game we know enough to tell a homerun from a touchdown. Those who play sports can probably go through every little detail of a sport just like a guy could and I find it amazing how we can do so.

Of course we know the scores to games we don't just live in these fluffed out pink boxes full of jewelery and perfumes, we know our sports and male artist and so much more, yeah maybe we also know what players are cuter than others but hey it's a sport right?

I really think it's okay to take part in some more masculine interest and become one of the guys every now and then, it can really lead to trying and understanding new things, that boys do. sports are fun to talk about and boys are a completely different crowd to discuss things with than the girls. Who knows we might just catch the attention of the cute boy in class with a little sports talk :)

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Comment by Helen Rodriguez on October 25, 2010 at 2:54pm
You're right Stephanie! Women aren't always"girly." We take an interest in a wide array of topics! Plus, who says sports are just for girls?




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