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Social media goes a long way, and one never knows which way is better. In some cases, the online world has made people easier targets for bullying.

However, there are also very good people out there who create supportive systems online. 

I was browsing through my news feed on Facebook and I noticed that a lot of my friends shared motivational pages, links, pictures, etc. I always thought of it as spam, taking over my news feed. I didn't pay much attention to it. I'm not much of a Facebook sharer, at least not those kind of links. 

This time, I saw specific posts a couple of people were sharing about how people who choose to cut themselves shouldn't because they are beautiful and have a support system. 

The internet has become a place of gratitude. People share things to make each other feel better or to express how good they feel about something, someone, some where. 

It amazes me how people can connect like that. One person shares a page full of motivational pictures, encouraging people to love themselves, and the rest like it. It makes people happy to know that others care about them in the mass and infinite space that is the internet. 

I realize that there are bad things to look for online. Be careful who you trust, that much is still true. 

Still, there are people who choose to be grateful and kind to each other. I think posts like these make other people feel good and look at it as a way of paying it forward. 

Some times, no matter how bad the world is, I like to think that there are good people out there. 

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Comment by Clara Mandujano on May 21, 2013 at 12:01pm

It is incredible how people have adapted to the internet, while you're right there are bad things online, there are also many, many wonderful things. In fact, I've made many friends online who have become an incredible support system (even if I've never met them in person or are miles away...)

Great post!




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