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Latinitas are using their imagination to create strong female superheroes.


Superhero                 Brandy V

My superhero is a girl who is named Sophia. She loves saving the innocent people of petropelis. Her arch names is Valeria she takes people of petropelis and has her minions clone people and sends them down and makes them evil. So my superhero (Sophia) flies into space and goes into valeria’s  spaceship and hypnotizes the minions to send them back.



Super                    Ashley Flores


My super hero is SUPER! She’s a superhero that saves the world and has lots of fun when she saves the day. She loves saving the day because she meets some new people and has lots of friends. She save animals and she love animals. Super loves everything she has lots of pets she plays with them all the time.


Flore                   Samantha Nava


Paragraph Description: Flore is the princess of the flower fairs but when she is not helping the FF’S (Flower fairies) she’s helping the citizens of EL Paso from the villains lightly drightys  were they land on humans skin and busa them while the only way to proffer  them is to drop pollen  open the skin but with lack of rain no flowers have bloomed so no pollen has grown.


Supertastic Elastic Girl          Meadow Ortiz


Supertastic Elastic Girl is a superhero that can fight crime while she can caught bad guys. She has girl power because she has elastic arms that can stretch her arms and legs till infinity and beyond in other words. I created this superhero so she can save day in her town and in other places.


Lovey Dovey          Destiny Nava


Lovey Dovey is cupids sister so when cupid is taken by haty batey its up to his sister to be able to make 100 couples before Valentines day while battling haty batey minions.


Frida Salinas


My superhero’s  name is  The Fasionista. The villian’s name is “SS” the SS stand for shoe stealer. My superhero’s  powers are flying, she also has a fashionable shoes and clothes magner. She alaso has laser eye vision and the BEST fashion sense! In this comic session she helps a girl name Cindy retrieve her prom dress and shoes from the SS but will she able to get  Cindy’s dress before her prom starts?






Daniela Labier


Cheer girls is a girl that helps girls get better a cheer. So lets say that bad cheer girl makes them feel bad cheer girl would say we are good. Cheer girl is a caring person. But bad cheer girl is evil.


Alexa Ramirez


My superhero is nature girl because she saves plants from dieing that’s my superhero and my villain is hater girl and she is nature girls evil twin and hates plants. Write a couple of sentences about what girl power.


Patricia Nevarez


My superhero is superwoman. She is very strong. She can also fly with her spray painted jet pack. She has a very good eyesight. She could see what I mile ahead. Super woman helps others.

Girl power to me means to help others. Whenever people are hurt and participate in clubs to help people.

Girl power means never be shy to speak up of what you think is wrong.

Girl power means to make other people happy by changing their life.



Nature Nancy is a friend to nature and the people who care for the environment. She has a pet that is a cat named  Zu Zu. She likes having the earth clean an a safe place. Also she does not like having the earth a mess.

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