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Positive and Negative Images-Fashion Forward Camp

Positive Image:

1.  Why did you choose this Photo?

         For my positive image I chose an image of a model in a cute tie-wrap sweater with a sky blue tank-top underneath. I chose this picture because I liked the model's clothes and the overall feel of the picture. It feels happy and warm as opposed to dark and cold. I also like how the model looks-beautifully pretty with modest clothing and a natural look;little makeup.


2. How does the image make the model feel?



         In my opinion, the model in this picture feels happy and proud. Happy because she's smiling and proud because she's holding her head up high, but not in a "I'm better than you," way...more of a "I'm going places someday," fashion.


3. How does the image make you feel?



         This picture makes me feel happy because its not like all other provocative pictures. It's unique, and different-the style that I like. I also feel happy when I see that picture because it shows the model's true beauty, no heavy makeup or extravagent colors or exagerated scenes. 


4. If you could change anything about the picture, what would you change?


         If I could change anything I probaby wouldn't, but if I had to change something then I'd most likely change the background to something more colorful to fit the model and outfit. 



Negative Image


1. Why did you choose this image?


           For my negative image , I chose a YMI Jeanswear International-Magazine Ad. I chose this ad for my negative because he model has a very provocative pose and very provocative clothing as well. Her jeans are low rise, and her shirt hangs low in the front as well as in the back. Her makeup is heavy and dark around the eyes. Her facial expression also leans far onto the provocatie side as well.


2. How does the image make the model feel?


            To Me the model most likely feels happy because to her she looks "HOT" and in power because guys will see her picture and fall in love, so she has the power to "tease them" which leads her to taking mreo photos like this one and being involved with more of these type of photoshoots.


3. How does this image make you feel?


            This picture makes me feel sad because it follows in the trend of many other magazine pictures-provocative and rude. 


4. If you could change anything in the picture, what would you change?


             If I could change anything in this picture, then i'd probably change A LOT. A few things i'd change would be the entire outfit, or at least a better more conservative shirt, a nicer less provocative pose, and I change the image location which would also give a new feel to the overall photo.


Thanks for reading this!





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