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I've read a lot of online blog posts. Most of them incorporate feminist thought and woman power.

I remember as a young girl questioning everything on television, as the online blogs post up. Now that I am older I am able to voice my opinion even through my thoughts written by computer on sites like Latinitas, in blogs.

It's truly fascinating, it really is. The assumption that girls do read and take in what they read is spot on. I just want to be another young lady who inspires other young people.

Even if its not today or tomorrow, someday, my voice on a blog post will help that one girl question and discover something new about herself. I know it will happen. I think knowing this has made me the happiest person since I, myself have been a lonely teen, like now I have some sort of direction or purpose and it feels great to say it with confidence. I am a young woman wanting change for other young girls.

It started by reading a blog post from jezebel that said a woman of the age of 29, posted all her teen journals online for the world to read. Oh gosh, I cringed with a slight smile, as her inner world became public. She made AIM seem ancient and chat rooms seem all the more scarier. Thankfully, sites like our very own Latinitas, seem as though they are read at least once to check for harrowing tails of sex, drugs and alcohol use. Well, I least I hope you gals do. I maintain that the young people on here, ages 7-12, are spongelike. They will take in what they can and often what they internalize is often used in environments that may not be so pertinent at the moment of a situation. 

Then again, what this lady said was nothing more than her friendship trouble that seemed to spark because of a guy. It's not then strange to see this "book" follow her as she enters the middle school, then high school years of confusion and questions. 

To what I believe, she asked and asked some more. Or read, the answers to what she looked for. You can never rely on your journal to provide feedback or rely on friends, who happen to be in the same situation you are in either.They may be as naive as you are. Then again, maybe I say this because i never once had a strong woman behind me. Not even my mother. 


Just think about the information you are letting public for the world to see. This goes especially to social network sites and any online web page where the ability to misinterpret is high.



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