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This goes for all the girls who even though they haven't been abused, they always feel like they are about to. 


When you wake up

Do not open any windows

Make sure the doors are well closed

You are now prepared to take a shower


Take on some floppy clothes

Do not dare to wear something on your hair

You now look at yourself in the mirror

And you judge yourself ready


You walk out with few money

What, to your judgment, will be enough for the day,

Enter to your car and rapidly lock yourself.


You remember you haven’t put the polarized to your windows

And then the thought of danger comes in.

You turn on the radio to momentarily forget about this.


When you are out in the streets,

Do not smile to anyone.

Attempt to draw as less attention as possible

To yourself,

To your oily legs and your creamy bosom,

To your long hair and your delicious mouth.


Become familiarized with nearby exits

Of any place that you enter,

Forget about the corners

Forget about the dark places.


Do not trust the hallways

That lead to other destinies.

Do not trust the lonely restrooms

And shadowy parking lots.


If someone touches you on the street, do not turn around

You might like him.

If they shout out dirty flattery,

It’s time to hurry up on your way.


From prohibited surroundings,

There are the ones which men haunt…

Call it a bar or a bank,

Call it your house or a theater.


Make sure to always look around for weapons,

A pair of scissors, a stick,

A cold conscience.


Meet friends, relatives or colleagues

At public sites

Preferably the ones with light and company

No one at unknown nooks

And never with dirty wills.


Ensure the other side of the car before you get in,

Look in the back and lock yourself immediately.

Do not attempt to stay in there more than five minutes.


When you reach home,

Be aware of your surroundings.

Of the neighbor in front,

Of the mason at the roof,

Of the young boy in his bicycle.


Make certain the safety of your home,

The multiple doors and windows

Must be sealed to the sound of your key.


While you eat dinner,

You hear of another rape victim on the news,

You ignore the cruelty, submissiveness

And fear of your analogous.


You dispose yourself to sleep,

Trying to avoid to cry out of hate,

Of courage and desperation,

That floods you.


You take out your floppy clothes,

Dirty and full of prejudices

Stained of juicy gazes

And mute teasing.


You dismiss about the insomnia of others,

You try to forget the regretful dreams

Where your worst fear,

Becomes reality.


Reality? Why do I bother?

Truth is

Sexual abuse is a habit of the human being.


You live with the constant fear

Of wanting to pass unnoticed through life.

Inconsumable is the wish of not being pretty,

Of not wanting those legs and that butt,

Of not being a woman.


You forget about what you felt

When you heard those laughs,

When you felt that fumble,

When you noticed that look.


You run away from the newspapers the following morning,

From the terror of the experience,

From the attributes of your sex.


You prepare to confront once more your culture.

You prepare to ignore,

To be able to survive

You prepare to survive,

To be able to live. 

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