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Senior year is everything I hoped for, and nothing I expected. I never thought i'd be going to bed past twelve every single night. At the same time, however, I never thought i'd be having this much fun! So this blog is solely dedicated to my first nine weeks as a senior.
ALL my classes are ridiculously demanding, even art! My first class of the day is journalism. I applied to be managing editor, but unfortunately didn't make it. Instead, I became class sections editor. So I get to write articles, as well as edit and input my reporters' work. It's a lot of fun, but it's time consuming. I still love this class, even though we have to generate $250 worth of ad money for a test grade. It gets us on the ball.
I am not a math person. I consider the AP Calculus girls to be the geniuses of the world. I could never survive calculus. I am taking Pre-AP Algebra II, and I love it. I never thought i'd take breaks from doing other homework in order to do a few math problems! My teacher makes the difference. She is seriously one of the best teachers I have, and it's thanks to her that I have one of the top grades in the class.
After math it's on to AP Psychology. This class is interesting, and the teacher is young and in touch with her students. We get to watch cool movies and prepare for the AP test in May. This subject has extensive content that is a little overwhelming at times. Overall, it's highly stimulating.
Digital Photography II is my outlet class. I can spend an hour messing around on Photoshop and in that hour let off steam I didn't even know I had. We got to take a trip to the zoo and I got to design a movie poster. The ability to use Photoshop has helped me make money, learn new hobbies, and keep myself entertained. It's living proof that not everything you learn in school comes from books!
AP Literature and Composition is my scary, intimidating class that constantly turns my stomach. This class gives a whole new meaning to the term "pop quiz." We can have pop quizzes about anything, including content of the novel we are reading to an example of an onomatopoeia. So far, we've read The Once and Future King, Heart of Darkness, and we are currently reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The reading is not bad, but the analysis of what we read is a killer. We also do SAT worksheets almost daily, as well as grammar lessons, college exercises, and analytical essays. Although this class is mercilessly hard, our teacher is amazing. She has a great sense of humor, as well as over 30 years of experience as a teacher. This is definitely going to help me in college. At times, I already feel like I'm in college.
My sixth period is AP Studio Art-2D. This class is almost as hard as AP L&C. My teacher takes art very seriously and makes me feel guilty for prioritizing my other classes over art. But sometimes it's hard to fit four subjects of homework, piano practice, eating, sleeping, and two art projects into one day, you know? This class is definitely showing me how to work on my own and be proactive, which I admit I am not all the time.
My seventh period is economics. Basically, this is my sleeping hour. As soon as I get the work done (which is relatively small), it's sweet dreams.
On top of school, I have my extracurricular activities. These consist of president of National Art Honor Society, vice president of the environmental club, Parish Council, piano class, Angels Saving Pets, and community service. I am planning a fine arts festival for NAHS, and it takes up all my free time. Sometimes, it's a bummer. But at the end of the day, I know it's worth something great.
My friends keep my sane in this hectic year. I have grown to love my niche very much, and have realized that every one of us are beautiful and smart. My best memories this year have been long talks, eating out to lunch, driving around in the rain, and picking pecans with my friends. I will miss them dearly when I'm off in college.
I hope you enjoyed my (somewhat) brief update of senior year! Keep reading for more to come :)

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