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         I’ve been recently lamenting the fact that my knowledge of coding is limited to a “basics of computer information systems” class I took in high school. Though much of my life doesn’t require me to be versed in HTML, I have begun encountering more and more situations in which it would be helpful. Take for example, my job as an editorial intern here at Latinitas. When submitting articles to the online magazine, there is a disconnect between the way a file is viewed when uploaded by the user, and how it appears online to viewers. In order to get my articles to appear online in an aesthetically pleasing way, (font, spacing, picture layout, etc) I have had to go into the HTML code and correct for formatting errors. It’s moments like this, where I wish that I knew more about code, so I would have more flexibility and control over the layout of my pieces. But outside of this, the ability to code in HTML would provide me with the ability to create on the world wide web, a space used by people everywhere. It’s certainly something to think about as one who is launching a career and seeking a marketing platform.

         A video has recently been circulating on facebook titled, “What Most Schools Don’t Teach.” It raises the point that coding is becoming an increasingly important part of our world, and that it ought to be implemented as a required course in the school system. The video, which can be accessed HERE features such big names a Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other media moguls as well as musicians and athletes like Will.I.Am and Chris Bosh. Though I haven’t done further research or looked into the logistics of the issue, I find myself agreeing. Coding would be a great skill for young people to develop in a world where technology is becoming increasingly important. What do you girls think? Is coding something you would like to learn in school?

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Comment by Sara Celeste Martin on February 28, 2013 at 3:15pm

I think coding should be added into the curriculum! Especially because technology is one of or THE industry right now. I believe that coding should be a course in late middle school and throughout high school. I also want to see typing/ learning how to use Microsoft Word/Excell/Powerpoint classes in elementary schools. 




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