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A Texas boy was suspended after taking a photo of a standardize test. It was what was written in place of the mandatory essay that got him into trouble.

He wrote, "I don't need to study for this TAKS test craziness. YOLO :)" and tweeting it to the Texas Education Agency. The district officials were none to happy about this so they suspended him!

I realize that Texas and California are about the two states that mandate testing.

Here, in PA the course work is more rigorous for students, I feel. Maybe that is why they don't test them at all? Who knows. All I feel is that the tests continue to determine students achievements, which is not reflectory of their potential at all. I think TX and CA schools fail to brighten and expand children's thought knowledge. I see it now.

As a college student in Texas (for my first two years) I never had to think. Like really think about what was being taught. I see that in PA colleges, I got behind because I was unprepared to think.

It made me feel so dumb! Thankfully, I've been tested and I can use ADHD as a leeway to focus in the right settings, now, but by gholly PA is so different from TX teachings!

I hope that girls do not get discouraged though, learning disabilities do not define you. In fact, I want to let them know that they should never be content with someone else's defenition of themselves.


Feel free to watch this video. Spoken word never sounded so good to me.:



I often feel like testing is mandatory because the government is trying to build little robots out of us!

I sure do not hope so. That would take the meaning out of learning! By the way,good luck on your tests ladies!

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Comment by Janette Mendoza on April 25, 2013 at 3:08pm

I hate those mandatory tests. they stink. Our curriculum should not be abridged. I think it keeps teachers from teaching us other things (that wont appear in the tests). I give props to that kid. xD




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