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Based on my understanding of music and its effects  is that it speaks to anyone in its own manner. This is probably the reason many of us choose to single ourselves out, unknowingly of course, by putting those ear buds/phones, or phones in our ears.

It's like every one of us wants to channel our feelings within our song, by our lonesome selves. This can be done while waiting for a bus and letting our eyes wander to the others who may want to sit on the bench, but you are too stubborn, too self absorbed in the feelings that the music if channeling throough you that you don't even bother to offer a seat to the struggling woman with 5 grocery bags. You pretend she is also a character in the music video you are creating whilst the headphones are on your ears and your lack of empathy creates a hazy reality.


You want to help, but even speaking will get you out of the mood. So you watch her, she glaces at you but you turn a bat's eye. She looked good during the lyric, "she's come undone."

It may seem strongly rude, but you just have to, I mean HAVE to finish the "music video" for the song. You know that when it is done, you'll gladly give your seat up so that the lady can rest her feet.


The song ends. The bus has arrived. Oh, well next time, you think, next time, I promise i'll get up for someone more in need that I am.

Human nature has become quite selfish. We are too busy trying for self gratification while we let those who may not be in tune with present times seep through harder times. Have we all become selfish brutes or is empathy just a figment of our imagination.

I'm beginning to think we are never living in the present because our technology is causing us to look into a false present( the walk we take as we cross the street while listening to music). Satisfying? maybe, but iin effect we lose sight of the real beauty out there. The sounds of birds chirping, the 20 dollar bill on the floor, the screeches and honks a vehicle might have given us because we were walking way to slow.


I just wish people would take their headphones off.

I did at 5 in the morning and it was nice to take in so much air, hear birds, and feel the silence.

Not to mention the height of awareness I found myself in. The little things I forget to see or mention, like the ants, the birds, the grass, the trees. I almost forgot how in love I have always been with trees.


So all I ask is this, if your walk is about 10-15 min away, turn those headphones, phones, technology off and live. Live in that moment. Feel, I want you to feel everything around you. Good luck!

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