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Sometimes it's hard to face the world, when there are so many issues that affects each and every one of us. For high school girls, it is probably worse!! Sine they are young they have so many questions about life and also they have so many concerns that makes them to question the society that we live in. Here are a couple of issues that some teens have today...

Homosexuality is an issue that we are facing today as teenagers. Being a bisexual young
woman in our culture today, I think it is difficult when I see
religious groups hate on gay people. Being gay is not a choice, I was
born this way. Many people just immediately assume that I choose to
be like this as if it were some fashion statement like a dress I
decided to wear to school. Being gay is not a choice, just like being
Mexican, white or black, if so embrace it. Some people I know (such
as a family member) don’t understand or don’t know my lifestyle.
I see nothing wrong with it. I love myself and if they have a problem
with it that’s their prerogative. I could never change myself so
drastically for someone else. When I go out on a date with a boy, I’m
very upfront and I’m a blunt person. I do not beat around the bush.
I usually state minutes into the conversation “I’m bi do you
have a problem with that?” I’ve never met a guy who has that
wall, but I have met guys who go off on a tantrum about how it’s so
wrong, how gay people are less than human, how they should die…all
saying this without knowing I’m gay. I will badly state that I am
gay. It’s amusing how their confidence level just drops. They try
to excuse themselves, but what was said was said. It makes me
sad when people degrade gay people. We are people too! We are the
same and equal, just with different preferences. What if people were
lower class citizens because of their religion? It’s like racism
and prejudices except on sexual preference.---Kristen, 18

I believe a big issue we are facing right now is people, who come from a Hispanic
heritage, don’t what to acknowledge or recognize their culture. For
example, we talk about celebrities and of some of the most proper
people, but we realize that most of them are not Hispanic. I think
now many people are ashamed of being called a Mexican, simply because
Mexicans are called wetbacks, “beaners” and very ugly things. The
Hispanic youth now doesn’t want to speak Spanish. They don’t like
their brown hair and brown eyes and when they are asked “what they
are”, they try of being the closest relation to any other country,
but Mexico. At my school I see a lot of this concept that the white
race is always referred to be the superior race, but it’s not. They
stay in power because we let them.This needs to stop and people need
to take their heritage and culture with more respect because you are
who you are. You can choose a different path in life and get an
education or do something else for a living, but your race isn’t
changing.---Norma, 16

I think people or government and the Economy should do something more about our
freedom. These people have become hypocrites. Every time they say
something about freedom, but the reality is we have no freedom! The
First Amendment states that we have freedom of religion, speech, and
many other things, but we really don't. Many religions consider
things that people look down upon and in their opinions they say its
wrong and by that the whole world follows I know we can't change
judgment, but a lot of these people are the ones working for the
government. I think we should have the freedom of being who we want
to be gay, bi-sexual, nudist or whatever.... but we don't have that
freedom. Many peoples’ actions to these things may be surprising,
but in the long run it may open peoples’ eyes and give them
confidence to be who they want be, so that they don't have to go by
what’s in style or wearing the same clothes as all their friends.
It may even make people more appreciative for what they have and what
they really need. We may have freedom compared to all the other
countries, but America is a big hypocritical follower, I don't think
our people fought to be free and just to be fakes. This country
should be about real freedom being able to do what you want to a
certain limit were it won't harm others, but will wake them up to
realize the real meaning in life. This may not be a big issue, but
only because everyone is too scared to actually speak up. That
doesn't show any freedom at all. Many things will change.--Desiree, 16

Teen pregnancy is a big issue because a lot of young girls my age are mostly pregnant. At
school, I see a lot of teen moms and they aren’t ruining their
lives, instead they are just making it harder, and the parents
are making the kids suffer for the choices they made, which isn’t
fair to the kids. When you are a teenager you suppose to live life.
People say that they “didn’t know” or “there was ways of
using protection”, but everyone knows. Kids start talking about sex
when they are in the fifth and sixth grade. Teen pregnancy is 100%
preventable! There are so many contraceptive like condoms, birth
control, shots all sorts of stuff. I think teens should talk to their
parents about sex, if they can’t talk to them, then talk to someone
you know will help you with what they are going through.---Daniela, 16

Why are free pregnancy tests given at schools but not condoms?

The percentage of pregnant teens has sky-rocketed through the past years. Many people
are against handing out condoms, but by the time these girls are
tested it’s too late. Many parents and adults have the idea that
handing out condoms is like advertising sex. The fact is that
teenagers are having sex and by telling them not to do it will still
tempt them to do it and rebel. Condoms and birth control advertise
safe sex, which also means less pregnant teens and fewer abortions.
Many people say they’re against abortions, I think they should do
something about it, by handing out condoms. Many pregnant teens end
up with results like STD’s, abortions etc… Can’t there be a
different approach to this issue that will work??---Cheyann,15

Teen pregnancy is a big issue because a lot of teenage girls are having
kids by the age of fifteen or sixteen. There are some teen moms that
have two kids by the age of seventeen or eighteen. Pregnant teens are
really damaging their lives because their dropping out of school and
they are not getting the education they are supposed to be getting.
Being pregnant at a young age is really damaging to your life because
you might not achieve your goals in high school. You would have to
stay home taking care of your kid. However, you must know that teen
moms can go back to school and they don’t even have to drop out
because it’s not their fault they got pregnant. They made a choice
or a mistake and you really cannot blame them. They can go back to
school and finish high school and keep going for their goal. There
are so many teen moms that have gone back to school because they want
to give their kid a better life. There are teen moms that can have a
good job and a good education for her child. Some moms aren’t
single moms and that’s good, but the dad must be a young age too
and he should have a good education and a good job so he can support
the family all the way. Single teen moms are left with thinking of
getting their child what they never had, but for that they have to
work hard for it and go to school. I really don’t know why their
getting pregnant at a young age because being mom is not easy and
it’s not all that fun either. You have to grow up and be
responsible for yourself and your child… like your life would never
be the same no more. Enjoy your life while you’re young and pursue
your dream and become a successful woman.--Lyseldi, 16

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Comment by april rosas on March 30, 2010 at 9:08am
Im responding to the blog on teen moms. I was a teen mom and it wasn't easy like the blog said it does change your life I did drop of school and for a while struggling to get back on my feet. Alot of teens have promblems at home and to get away from it all they act out they run away, go to jail as I did. As a parent now I do see how hard it is in the real world. My advise to all the teens stay in school because without education theres no future and if you have any promblems speak out you have your whole life ahead of you take it slow like they say "Live Life to the Fullest".




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