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Teen Reporter Voice- Ignoring the Goss. It's Possible!!

Don’t Try Out For the Play, Be an Audience Member. Or better yet, ignore it!

It’s hard to stay out of drama because that is what high school revolves around. It’s not about staying out of it; it’s more about learning how to handle it because drama will be a part of life as long as humans are involved. The easiest thing to do is just smile and be an audience member. Don't sign up for the Drama Club. Simply observe and reply with “uh-huh” and “mhm”. You just need to recognize what is going on and learn a few rules for getting out and everything works out fine. Don’t get dramatic over drama!

Stay low key. Be quiet when others are saying things that are ugly about other people. The next time a friend starts trashing another, don't listen or just tell her you'd rather not get involved because it's none of your business. Ignoring all the hype can save you stress and grey hairs in the long run!!

Don’t give advice or ask questions when you suspect you are being manipulated. Keep your sense of humor and smile a lot. This is the exciting part about focusing out the goss. If you smile enough and keep with your yeah’s, uh-huh’s and mhm’s, you will bore the talker enough to stop talking! It’s a genius plan that works every time because people like feed back and opinion. When you’re not giving either, they come to realize they’re just talking to themselves.

It’s simpler to say than do. Start it off as a new year’s resolution or just make a commitment to yourself to ignore the drama for a week. Then try another week and then a month and keep adding to that. Biting your tongue prevents a lot of gossip to spread because you’re not giving any feed back of your opinion. You’re just listening and bottling up all the information you’ve heard. A positive way to deal with the drama clouding your head is to laugh it off as if it were some kind of comedy show. When you’re having a bad day, use the info you have to remind yourself that it could be a lot worse if you were involved in the drama.

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Comment by Anna-Alizette on December 19, 2008 at 1:35pm
Haha.. I LOVE IT!!
I know I won't be signing up for the the drama club ... well only one involving theater and screenplays.
Comment by Kathryn on December 16, 2008 at 1:33pm
Yay Geneva. Great advice. You might be surprised how often I have to consider this in "adult" life. I guess the drama never stops.
"Don't sign up for the Drama Club." - Geneva the great
Comment by Hilary on December 10, 2008 at 7:45am




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