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Telling me to smile is like telling you to close your mouth...while talking

Please don’t tell me to smile.

Please, don’t tell me to smile.

Just don’t tell me to smile.

I say, “Tell me” on the basis that most men don’t ask. They disrespectfully tell me to do so as though they control what is going on in my head.

That is beside the point though.

Perhaps, I am alone in this city and am too busy listening to the running commentary in my head to give you a wholehearted smile.

Maybe I am lonely and don’t see your face as appeasing as you may feel.

Or maybe that is just my face.

Or better yet, maybe I am like a tree, a rock, the sand and just am. I don't need to talk to exist. That is it, I just AM and oftentimes participating in little men talk takes too much energy from me.


Yeah, that is it. I am a rock. Grounded, but willing to move(talk) when the time is right.

I accept my "ROCKNESS."

I am sick and tired of hearing men at work exclaim, “You have teeth?! Wow, you should smile more.”

This is true, I do have teeth and perhaps I need to express my face a bit more so as not to receive questions of concern, “are you okay?”, “Are you sad?” “What is wrong?”

I just realized that being an introvert is something I just learned myself and being so, make people all the more convinced I am strange. Realizing this, I can breathe a little easier. I do not live to please others therefore I will let my quietness make you stir with an inability to properly function in the same room as me.

Just kidding, I mean to some extent, small talk is groovy. It’s the flooding gates to a conversation and yet men find it their mission to score and reap with joy if they hear me giggle and thus making me feel awkward. I shut down soon after.  I am shy. I am an introvert. Speaking to me, I do it with caution.

I let the voice in my head speak 30 sec before the words escape my mouth so as not to let unwanted snarky remarks from men flood my soul. I am sure, I am a pain to be around, but I wont, not talk back to you.

Just don’t comment on how I should smile more because it will only make me want to scratch my eyes out. I am just getting to the point of accepting myself. Next time you may get a very rude answer. “I am plotting my next revenge…against YOU.” A ha

Accept me men, for my desire TO BE and I promise to do the same.

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