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The dress, inspired by the one and only Linsay Lohan

Miss Lohan is infamous for her behavior, addiction to drugs, criminal background and all-around bad decisions, but she is also known as a heartwarming and impressionable childhood actress. Much like many Americans, and Latinas, Lohan is not alone. There are many girls in this country who battle addiction, self-esteem problems, and most of all reality.

Growing up, Lindsay Lohan was one of my favorite people, I mean who doesn't love the movie Mean Girls? Lohan had huge aspirations and great talent while she was on the road to adulthood. But Lohan took a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere and ended up being the go-to-girl for scandal when the paparazzi needed money. We all know someone who has trouble with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and self-esteem issues who makes less than perfect choices, but when they do attempt to find a resource to get better there should be support. I was listening to a story on NPR about a man who's son was addicted to drugs and he was explaining how addiction is a disease, not a decision. Going to rehab or looking for help is like treating your disease. People are in and out of rehab because they relapse, or they get lingering symptoms of their addiction disease.

When I read a blog on how Lohan is looking well and dominated an interview about rehab, or joked about what was going on in her life, it was good to finally see how the media is showing the positive capabilities of the actress. Then they turned it all on what she was wearing by stating how her dress was beautiful and her physical appearance was great PR. They mentioned how her PR was responsible for her retorts in the interview, completely overlooking her future attempt to seek help. Maybe one of the reasons why she has a problem is because she feels the need to look and dress a certain way to uphold a specific position in the media's eyes.

Either way, that was my rant because despite all of her recent shortcomings, there is still something in me that's pro lilo. If you or anyone you know has a problem with addiction, alcohol, or low self-esteem that can lead to harmful activities, seek help because there is always a someone or something that can.

Some places include:

The Treatment Center

eDrug Rahab

Your School Counselor

A Religious Advisor/Mentor

A Trusted Adult

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