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Although this isnt following the prompt for today, I just had to share it! This week I have been going to driving school, in a class of about 10 girls, and a male teacher, in his 60s i would guess. Prior to going, I had heard we was very anti-feminist. He even had my grandmother and mother for driving school, and these are not new complaints!

Anyway, with a class full of girls, nearly all comments go in the direction of "you ladies like this and that" and always referencing our sex. And, these things are always said in witty and "funny" ways, to disguise his sexism. I do not find it in the least bit funny.

As he is what you would call a talker, he went on rant about how us women should not have to do things like change a tire. A father had come in and asked, will you teach her how to change a tire? He said, "No of course not." He does not want us to be "getting our fingernails broken and dirty, and our PRETTY PINK SWEATERS" (I had a nice pink northface on my lap) dirty. Props to the girl next to me who said, "Im not going to waste time calling a company when I CAN change the tire myself." Even so, he never stops his meaningless talk and insulting comments.

Truth is, I love my Nike basketball shoes more the my "pretty pink" coat. And I am not afraid to get dirty if it means feeling a sense of accomplishment for doing something myself.

Sadly, I will have this class everyday for two weeks. But, so far it has reminded that women must remember that we are CAPABLE people, and we can not forget this, even through the mocking tones and and comments are said to make us feel stupid and small. I dont know what I would say if I could stand up for my class without getting myself in trouble. : (

I hope the you girls out there are able to stand up (with or without your "pretty pink" clothes) against these sexist bullies! : ) 

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