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Thispiration: Be careful what you stumble, tumbl upon or pin.

Although being healthy and fit is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, obsessively attempting to achieve what seems to be the definition of fit can be dangerous. According to the International Journal of eating disorders "35 percent of “normal dieters” progress to pathological dieting. Of those, 20 to 25 percent progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders." In the US about 24 million people, male and female, suffer from eating disorders which have the highest death rate of any other mental illness. Eating disorders can include symptoms of depression, and if someone becomes anorexic they can get osteoporosis.

Thinspiration might have popped up as a form of motivation for girls to get fit and stay healthy, but it has turned into a campaign that mocks exactly that. Showing pictures of girls' body parts accentuating the thinnest parts has become a deadly trend reminding girls that it's not ok to be anything other than skinny. 


Many subcultures have risen out of the thinspiration phenomenon that promote obsessive exercise or extremely unhealthy eating habits. The first can be called fitsperation, more pictures and motivational phrases to work-out until you drop, or until you get "thin," or a specific definition of thin that is probably unlikely with different muscle tones, and the needed calorie intake to repair worked muscle tissue and used blood cells. So these motivational campaigns want you to exhaust yourself and your body, while looking at the girl who is super pretty and thin and strong. To get to this goal weight, you also have to eat less, which can definitely break down important ligaments and muscles in your body. When you work out a lot your body uses a lot of energy to help build your muscles, and to get this energy you need a good amount of protein and fiber and nutrients and yes I'll say it, you need some carbs. Exercising (just like eating) is so good for you, don't abuse it. 

Then there's Pro-ana, a campaign that helps girls keep up their anorexia and already deteriorating health. It's a support group that helps keep up crash diets, fasts, praises weight-loss, shows how to hide your eating habits from your family and friends, and it also suggests ways to suppress hunger pains. The campaign lives off the idea that they are a nonjudgemental group for those who have the self control to stay anorexic and not be ashamed of it. Although you should never be ashamed of who you are or what you look like, you should know when your body and mind are telling you that something's wrong. Instead of feeding the cause, or in this case not feeding the problem first find ways to get a better nutrition into your life, along with your self-esteem.

More and more girls are losing themselves within this society of rules on physical appearances solely for a chance to survive. Women are losing the challenge evolution has given us not because we aren’t fit to compete, but because we are fighting for the wrong things. We can all be healthy, which does not equal thin, but energetic, and having the ability to do so many things mentally and physically, so that we have more time to think about more important things like cleaning our rooms, doing homework, getting into extracurricular activities. You might even be en route to becoming President, saving our planet from climate change, or finding ways to help hunger and the spread of diseases. Be careful what you're influenced by and what you read and do on the internet. Things might seem harmless at first but they can be deadly.

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